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E.G.G Episode 5: Agents of Doom

Updated on September 10, 2014


Previously, on E.G.G...

Josh, Eileen and Acacia were just breaking in the hatchlings when alarms began to go off. Josh soon discovered that his nemesis, Julian, was behind the attack. After 72 hours of the events that led up to this point, the Incident finally takes place...

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Episode 5

-Agents of Doom-

Location: Inner Shell

Time: 25 minutes before The Incident

“Hello Josh.” All of the monitors thundered at once. “Long time no see.” Josh clinched his fist and gritted his teeth.

“Julian.” He growled.

“Now don’t go acting all surprised.” Julian responded. “You knew you had this comin.”

“You’ve laid low this long Julian!” Josh shouted. “Why come out of the blue now!”

“Well that’s an easy question.” Julian responded. “This is the only time of the year you let 65 complete strangers onto your base. I had to take the opportunity.” Josh’s eyes widened.

“The hatchlings!” He gasped.

“Yes, the new recruits. 50 of them work for me.”

“This is insane Woodfin!”

“Insane? No, it’s strategy. Your stupid giant egg is gonna hit the ground in minutes.”

“Not on my watch.” Suddenly there was loud noise. “What is that?”

“The teleporter was fired up remotely!” An agent responded. “Someone’s coming up!” Josh looked to his side and grabbed a Repulsor Blaster that was sitting nearby.

“Guns trained on the entry point men!” He shouted as all of the E.G.G agents not trying to stabilize the ship lined up with their weapons. “No one gets past this line!” There was a blue flash, and when the light cleared, all that sat there was giant giftwrapped box… with a pumpkin on it.

“Goblin gas! Get down!” Josh shouted as the present exploded, emitting a green gas. Agents began to cough and drop their weapons, Josh among them. He looked up to see Julian Woodfin walk through the cloud of green smoke wearing a gas mask. He kneeled down next to Josh.

“Looks like I’m winning.” He said. “On your watch.”

“Why?” Josh coughed. “Why… would you… do this…”

“Simple Josh.” He responded. “We aim to destroy, oppress, and obliterate mankind. We are the creatures that go bump in the night. We are the shadows over your shoulder. We are Doom.” Josh’s vision blurred. He saw two Julians, then four, then nothing. He fell to the ground, defeated.

“Goblin gas! Get down!”
“Goblin gas! Get down!”

Location: The Nest

Time: 30 minutes before The Incident

Acacia rushed down the hall and turned the corner. She slammed the button that opened the door to the Nest. She rushed into the room to find it completely empty.

“No,” she said. “No, no, no!” She looked around frantically. “Guys? Are you in here? You don’t have to be afraid, my name is Acacia Blanco, I’m not here to hurt you.” At that moment one of the hatchlings came from under a bed. Two came out of a closet, a few from the bathroom. One by one the hatchlings emerged, but by the time they all came out, there were only 15. “Where’s everyone else?” She asked.

“We don’t know,” one of the hatchlings replied. “Once the alarm sounded a group of them just got up and left.”

“I told them we should stay put,” another hatchling chimed in. “But they didn’t listen to me.”

“Okay guys, just hold tight.” Acacia said as she activated her earpiece.

“Go ahead.” Josh’s voice came from the other end. It was full of static.

“Josh,” Acacia said. “I’m with the hatchlings. They’re safe but we couldn’t find all of them. We’re missing a few. A whole bunch actually.” There was no response from Josh’s end. All she heard was static. “Josh? Hello? Did you hear me? Gah!” She threw her earpiece to the ground. “Whoever’s doing this is messing with the communications.” She turned to the hatchlings. “I’m going to need all of you to stay here and stay hidden while I get the communications back online. Can you do that?”

“Yeah,” one of the hatchlings answered. “I think so.”

“Great,” Acacia said as she left the room. “I’ll be back in a flash!”

Location: Hall of E.G.G

Time: 25 minutes before The Incident

Eileen finally made her way to the Hall of E.G.G. She reached the door to see that it was unscathed.

“Thank heavens.” She sighed. Suddenly she heard a noise behind her. She whipped around and aimed her Widow Stings. A group of hatchlings cowered down in fear. Eileen lowered her wrists. “What are you guys doing here?” she asked.

“We got scared, so we ran.” One of them said.

“Is this all of you?” She asked.

“No, some stayed behind.”

“Alright, wait a minute.” She activated her earpiece. “Acacia, come in. Acacia can you hear me?” As she spoke a hatchling drew a knife and began moving towards her. “Acacia, come in, can you hear…” Suddenly Eileen caught glimpse of the hatchling in his reflection on the metal door. She dropped to the ground and kicked the man in the leg. He screamed and dropped the knife as Eileen grabbed his arm and shoulder threw him to the ground. Then she looked up to see all of the ‘hatchlings’ aiming guns at her.

“Aw shell.” She said as everyone opened fire. Eileen did a double back handspring followed by a backflip, evading all of the bullets. She landed on the wall and pushed herself into one of the agents of doom. She tackled him to the ground, then sprung up and grabbed another. She swung him into two more, kicked one, punched another. She ducked under a kick, caught the man’s leg and twisted him to the ground. She stood up, breathing heavily, but still ready to fight.

“Come on!” She shouted.

“Stop!” One of the agents called. He pushed his way to the front of the crowd. “She’s mine.”

“Powell?” Eileen said, recognizing Tanner Powell, Julian’s second in command. “If you’re here, that means Julian’s behind this. And also, if you think you can take me, you’ve got mental issues.”

“Oh, I know I can take you.” He replied. With that, Tanner clinched his fists, strained his muscles, and began to scream loudly. All of a sudden a black goo substance began to crawl down his arms. It was engulfing his entire body. Eileen backed up.

“Powell…” She began. Tanner screamed even louder and fell to the ground as the black substance covered his face. “Oh my… what have you done to yourself?” Eileen asked. There was no response. “Powell? Tanner!” He quickly looked up and roared. It was like something out of a nightmare! He had become a huge, black creature. It had fangs, multiple sharp teeth, and an extremely long tongue hanging out of his mouth. He had long, sharp claws, and lastly, a giant white spider symbol on his chest.

“There is no Tanner.” He hissed. “There is only Venom.” Eileen immediately began blasting him with her Widow Stings. The symbiote suit Tanner was wearing was vulnerable to electricity. Venom screamed in pain as Eileen continued her assault. She ran up the wall and back flipped into Tanner. He caught her leg just before she connected and threw her to the ground. Eileen slid across the floor and hit the door to the Hall of E.G.G. She sat up quickly and activated her earpiece.

“Josh, come in. I can’t do this alone, there are too many of them, they’re disguised as hatchlings! And Venom’s here, it’s Powell. He got me cornered at the Hall.” Then she realized something. “What am I doing?” She said to herself. She got up and slammed her hand on the scan pad. The doors opened and she rushed in as they closed behind her. As soon as they did, the pounding began. She heard Venom banging at the door. She looked around. “Where’s the sonic disruptor…” She said to herself, taking into consideration the symbiote’s other weakness, loud noise. She scanned the room then spotted it, on the top shelf. “Perfect.” She sighed. Just then the doors blew off of their hinges, and Venom entered with all of his agents of doom.

“Time to die!” He growled.

“Not today!” Eileen responded, grabbing a nearby bow staff. She ran forward, knocking down any doom agents in her way. Then she used the staff to pole-vault across the top shelf, grabbing the sonic disruptor as she slid off. She landed feet first on the ground then set the disruptor to maximum. Then she pulled back the lever, and an explosion of sound echoed throughout the chambers of Mother Egg. All of the doom agents dropped to the ground covering their ears. Venom grabbed his head and screamed, screeched in agony. The symbiote separated itself from Tanner, leaving him in nothing but his boxers. Then Tanner fell onto the ground, beaten. Eileen switched it off and dropped it, falling right next to it, breathing hard.

“Calm down girl,” She said, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath. “You did it.” She opened her eyes and looked over at Tanner, but he wasn’t there. She immediately stood up and readied her Widow Stings. “Powell?” She called, scanning the area. “Powell!” Suddenly Venom dropped down behind her and grabbed her in a chokehold.

“Surprise!” He shouted, as Eileen struggled to escape. “And now, for my next trick!” Using the symbiote’s morphing capabilities, he turned his arm into a blade thrust it through Eileen’s back. Eileen shrieked, her eyes widened, then Venom dropped her to the ground. “Well, that was easy.” He said, leaping out of the room, laughing the entire time. Eileen laid on the ground, gasping.

“I… failed…” She managed to say with her last breath, as she then closed her eyes.

“There is no Tanner. There is only Venom.”
“There is no Tanner. There is only Venom.”

Location: Engine Room

Time: The Incident

Acacia pushed her way through gears and gizmos. She stepped over wires and around terminals. She made her way to a box labeled Communications Relay. She opened it and steam blew out in her face.

“Ow, crap!” She shouted, turning her head. “Yeah, that is definitely the problem.” She pulled out a handkerchief she had handy and began whacking the steam away. Once it was clear she noticed the panel had been ripped off. “Well what genius did this!” She said as she shoved it back into place and flipped all the switches to on. She activated her earpiece. “Josh come in can you hear me?” There was no response. “Josh!”

“I copy… I copy.” He groaned from the other end. “Just stop yelling in my ear please.” Acacia sighed with relief.

“Thank Odin,” She said. “Now what the shell is going on?”

“Julian Woodfin is attacking E.G.G,” Josh said, as he stood up. He looked around to see the Inner Shell completely destroyed. “We need to reallocate our resources, figure out how to…” All of a sudden the entire base shook.

“What was that?” Acacia asked.

“I don’t know Acacia.” Josh said. Then it happened again. The base shook, more violently this time. Acacia hit the wall and Josh was thrown into a computer terminal. And all of Rexburg watched as Mother E.G.G fell to the ground.

Location: Inner Shell

Time: 10 minutes after The Incident

“You think he’s dead?” Josh slowly opened his eyes. Smoke was everywhere.

“I don’t know, poke him or something.” He turned his head towards the window, and saw grass.

“You poke him!” He turned his head again to see two pairs of feet walking towards him.

“Fine, whus.” One of the two began poking him with his gun. Josh quickly reached up and grabbed it.

“I’m not finished yet.” He said. He pulled the gun out of the man’s hand and smacked him unconscious with it. The other man began to open fire. Josh took cover, the spotted his Repulsor Blaster. He grabbed it, leaned out, and blasted the man through the wall.

“Josh, are you there?” Acacia’s voice asked from his earpiece. “Josh? Do you copy?”

“Loud and clear Acacia.” Josh responded. “This isn’t good. We just got knocked out of the sky. Eileen, what’s your status?” There was no answer. “Eileen, come in, do you read me?” There was still no answer. “Oh no. Acacia? You there?” He asked, as he began to run.

“Yeah, what’s wrong?”

“We need to converge in the Hall of E.G.G, now!” He shouted.

“I’m on my way!” Josh began to run faster and faster.

“Please, Eileen, please be okay!” Josh rushed down the corridor as fast as he could, Repulsor Blaster in hand. He ran up to the Hall of E.G.G. He stopped in his tracks. The vault door had been blown off of its hinges. There was fire everywhere. Josh ran into the Hall only to discover that it was destroyed. All of the weapons were broken, the shelves knocked over, the structure pretty much collapsing. And in middle of all of the fire and destruction, lay Eileen. Josh’s eyes widened in fear.

“Eileen!” He shouted, dropping his weapon and running to her side. “Eileen!” He put his fingers to her neck and checked for a pulse. Nothing. “No, no! No! Okay listen, you can’t do this to me.” He put his hands together and pressed down hard three times on her chest. He put his ear to heart. Nothing. “Eileen! Come on! Wake up!” He shouted, tears streaming down his face. “Eileen!” At that moment Acacia rushed up to the vault. As soon as she saw the scene she clasped her hands to her mouth.

“No…” She gasped. “We can’t be too late! She can’t be…” Acacia fell to her knees, and began to cry. Josh took Eileen into his arms.

“Eileen…” He weakly cried. “How did this happen.”

How do you feel now that Eileen's fate has finally been revealed?

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Remember to leave questions and comments so that I can address them in the Q&A this Thursday, September 4! Check and see if your question gets answered! And look for Episode 6: For the Fallen, the next day September 5!


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