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E.G.G Episode 53: E.G.G v.s A.I.M Part 1- Captive

Updated on October 16, 2015


Previously, on E.G.G...

It's date night at E.G.G! Josh introduced Maya to the team, and revealed E.G.G to her, as they prepared to go on a crucial mission to uncover the mystery of the secret organization known as the Advanced Idea Mechanics, or A.I.M. To get the information they needed, Eileen went undercover to swindle it out of Tony Stark competitor Justin Hammer, who had invested quite a sum in the shadowy organization. Meanwhile, Agent Rice left his post (and left Squirrel Girl in charge) so that he could go on a date with his girlfriend, Sabrina, who might be a better fighter than even he is! In the end, Eileen figured out where to find A.I.M, but not before she, Josh, Acacia, and Maya, were all kidnapped!

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Episode 53

E.G.G v.s A.I.M

Part 1


Josh opened his eyes. He began to move but was stopped. He looked up to see his arms were trapped in mechanic restraints, as were his legs. He was lying on vertical metal table. He also noticed that was wearing nothing but black boxer briefs. He looked to his right to see Acacia also strapped to a table with the same boxer briefs and a sports bra. She looked over at him.

“Okay, well this isn’t the worst predicament we’ve been in.” Josh said.

“I’ll say.” Acacia agreed. “Remember Rio?”

“We agreed never to speak of that.”

“Oh yeah, sorry.” She looked around. “Where are we?”

“Don’t know…” Josh said, pulling against the metal restraint. “But we’re gonna find out once I get free…” He pulled again. “Gah, no good.” He looked to see someone sitting at desk a few feet away. “Maybe you can give us some answers?” The person continued to type.

“Don’t think he heard you.” Acacia said.

“Yo! Butthead! Yeah, you hear me talking to you! Why don’t you face me coward!”

“Josh please,” a female voice replied. “That’s no way to speak to your girlfriend.” She spun around in the, revealing herself to be Maya.

“Maya? What… What is this? What’s going on?”

“Evolution.” She said, standing up. “The next step in the ever expanding universe. Something… incredible.”

“What are you talking about?” Acacia asked.

“I’m gonna change the world.” She walked up to Josh and Acacia. “And you two have a front row seat.”

“Where are we Maya?” Josh asked.

“You wasted your time with Hammer.” She replied. “You’re in the operating base of Advanced Idea Mechanics.”

“Wait, you mean…”

“I’m an A.I.M scientist. Always have been.”

“No, it ca-”

“It can’t be? Why do they always say that?” She smiled and got close to Josh. “And you were so easy to fool.” Josh was speechless.

“So… so our entire relationship…” Josh stammered.

“A lie!” Maya exclaimed. “You should have seen yourself on the beach that day. So sad and pathetic looking. All of your friends having fun and you left alone in the cold. I almost felt sorry for you.”

“Hey, that’s enough.” Acacia demanded. Maya smiled.

“Either way.” She said. “It was easy enough to rope you in, it was only a matter of time before you led me to E.G.G Base. After the Technovore virus failed to do its job, I had to get in closer, and ensure your capture personally.” Josh violently pulled against his restraints.

“Why Maya? Why! I really cared about you, you know that? I thought we had something, something no one else had. We were honest, and open with each other, I confided everything in you! I… I thought you were the one…”

“Hm, well I’m sorry.” Maya said, leaving the room. “It was never real.” The door closed behind her. Josh began banging his head against the table.

“Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!” He repeated.

“Hey. Hey!” Acacia said, stopping him in his tracks. “There’ll be time for that later, now we need to get out of this.”

“Right,” Josh said. He exhaled. “You’re right. Hey, why don’t work some fire, or expand a force field or something?”

“I’ve been trying for the past five minutes, but my powers aren’t working.” Josh looked in confusion.

“Are they… gone?”

“No, no I can still feel it in me, I just… can’t access it. Like it’s negated somehow.”

“Then this may be harder than we thought.”

“I’m an A.I.M scientist. Always have been.”
“I’m an A.I.M scientist. Always have been.”

* * *

Maya walked down the hall of the secret island base. She walked into a room, where Eileen was in a similar predicament, pulling against the restraints. Maya sat down in front of her.

“Hello Eileen.” She said.

“Maya?” Eileen asked. “Gah, I knew you were no good!” Maya smiled and stroked Eileen’s hair.

“You are so special.” She said. “So beautiful…” Eileen pulled her head away.

“Don’t touch me.” She hissed. “Where the shell am I?”

“A.I.M.” Maya answered. Eileen’s eyes widened.

“You work for A.I.M?” Maya nodded.

“I got close to Josh so he’d lead me to E.G.G. Lead me to you.”

“Oh no, Josh… You tricked him! Where is he? Acacia? Where are they! If they’re hurt…”

“They’re fine. Let’s not worry about them my angel. Oh, if only Aldrich could see you…”

“What is this strange infatuation you have with me?” Eileen asked. “And who is Aldrich?” Maya sat up.

“My name is Maya Hansen. I created Extremis.” She answered.


“Yes, my partner was Aldrich Killian. He killed himself after the Agent Mallen incident. I’m sure you’ve heard of that?”

“The Extremis drove him crazy…” Eileen said. “Iron Man had to kill him to stop him.”

“Since then I’ve tried to perfect the formula, for Aldrich. I didn’t want him to die, with nothing to his name but a failed experiment that gave birth to a maniac. So I tried again. I created Extremis 2.0, a significant improvement, but with one small problem.”

“Which was?” Maya sighed.

“It worked, sometimes, a shining example is a man named Savin. He’s been on for nearly a year without a glitch. But others… there was an instability in the formula. The test subjects, after a short while, tended to… explode.”

“You monster!”

“I had to risk it! Don’t you see the scientific applications of Extremis!”

“I can shoot lightning and breathe fire.”

“Side effects! You were dead! Dead! But the Extremis rewrote your biology and brought you back to life. That is what I’m trying to do here. Save lives. The 2.0 was even better, it contained regenerative properties, similar to that of Wolverine himself! But I just couldn’t stabilize it! Day and night, I slaved over my notes, reworking the equation again and again! I was so close! It was like someone was waving the answer in front of my face, and wouldn’t let me grab it!”

“I still don’t see what any of this has to do with me.” Maya smiled.

“Oh Eileen, you are my dream come true.” She replied. “When I heard that your body had not only accepted the Extremis, but enhanced it! I was overjoyed. I had to find out why, how, what exactly it was that made you the marvel you are. Then the Inner Circle kidnapped you, and I was so angry. Livid. They were taking my beautiful creation away from me. But they revealed the truth: You’re a mutant! I had never even begun to explore the possibilities of Extremis on mutant physiology! But I digress. It took a while, but now I finally have you my sweet.”

“What do you want with me?” Eileen asked.

“You’re going to help me initiate the next step of evolution. Make my dream a reality. Make Aldrich’s dream a reality. I’m going to use your blood for Extremis 3.0.”

“What? No! You can’t!” Eileen pulled against the restraints. “Haven’t enough people died for you to create this?”

“Death is necessary in evolution, Eileen. Survival of the fittest, natural selection, all of the laws of nature apply here.”

“Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but there’s nothing special about me.” Eileen lied. “I have the same abilities as anyone else on Extremis.”

“I know you’ve evolved! You can’t hide it!”

“You have no concrete evidence that I-” Maya then reached into a bag and pulled out the eye mask to Eileen’s Lightstream costume. “…evolved.”

“When I figured out you were Lightstream, I realized that I finally had my perfect specimen. My wonderful, beautiful, angel.”

“Maya, listen to me.” Eileen said. “I may seem perfect, but there’s something you don’t know. There is an instability… I can’t explain it, but there are times where I lose control, something takes me over, I feel… like a monster.”

“If you’re trying to scare me, it’s not working.” She said, standing up. “Now rest, angel. You need to conserve you energy for the operation.” She began to leave.

“Maya! Maya! Stop! This is insane!” Maya turned.

“No, this is the beginning of a new world. Thanks to you Eileen, everything changes.” She was about to leave then stopped. “Oh, and please don’t try to escape.” She said, tossing her Lightstream mask to the floor. “I would hate to see something happen to Josh and Acacia because you were uncooperative.” Maya left the room.

“No!” Eileen screamed, but Maya was gone. Eileen hung her head, defeated.

“The Extremis drove him crazy… Iron Man had to kill him to stop him.”
“The Extremis drove him crazy… Iron Man had to kill him to stop him.”

* * *

“Al…most…” Josh grunted, pulling as hard as he could. “And… Ah!” He stopped pulling. “I think I felt it budge.”

“No you didn’t!” Acacia said. “This is hopeless!”

“Still zip on the powers, huh?”

“Yep.” Acacia said. Josh sighed.

“Well, I guess we’re gonna die here.”

“Guess so.”

“And you know the worst part?”

“What’s that?”

“I’m so freaking hungry right now.”

“Really Josh!”

“Hey, those weenies at Hammer’s party were nasty! They tasted like dog barf!”

“I’d ask how know what that tastes like, but…”

“Wait a sec!”


“Look! Over there!”


“On the desk!” Acacia looked.

“I don’t see anything. Just papers and…”

“Right there! That metal bracelet! It’s my Colantotte!”

“Oh, I see it! Sweet, so you can get your Joshinator armor?”

“Uh… no. I’m still working out range issues… It can’t really travel more than ten feet.”


“But… remember how I told you it holds a permanent magnetic charge?”

“Yeah, and?”

“Well, I can reverse the polarity of that charge, and also increase the magnetic field.”

“… Yeah, I’m more of a visual learner…”

“Ugh. Colantotte, activate.” The light on the bracelet lit up blue. “Increase magnetic field, 250 amps.” The bracelet made a noise, then flew over to the table and magnetically attached to the restraint.”

“No way!” Acacia said.

“Good, now, Colantotte, reverse polarization!” The light on the bracelet turned red and the restraint blew off of Josh’s arm as Josh caught the bracelet in his mouth and fastened it on his wrist.

“How’d you do that?” Acacia asked.

“Like charges repel, this restraint was obviously magnetically locked by a negative charge. When I reversed my Colantotte charge to negative, coupled with the increased strength of the magnetic field, it blew that thing clean off!”

“Awesome!” Acacia exclaimed, as Josh got his other restraint off.

“Alright,” He said. “Now let’s get free, stop Maya, and take down A.I.M.”

“At the rate we’re going, how much we’re draining, she’s not going to survive the experiment."
“At the rate we’re going, how much we’re draining, she’s not going to survive the experiment."

* * *

“AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!” Eileen screamed to the top of her lungs. There were needles attached to complex machinery in her arms, legs, neck, and waist, draining her blood from her body. Maya sat down in front of her and stroked her cheek.

“Shh, baby, shh.” She cooed. “I know it hurts, but it’s the only way we can make sure get pure, undamaged samples. The Extremis is in your genetic code, but the X-gene has somehow separated itself from you blood, which is why it wasn’t destroyed. We need to be sure to get everything that makes you what you are.” Just then a man walked in wearing a yellow outfit similar to that of a beekeeper, mask and all, with a small A.I.M logo on the left side of his chest.

“Ma’am.” He said.

“What is it.” Maya snapped.

“About 20% of the samples from the last extraction were corrupted.” Maya sighed.

“Okay then, up the rotations on the extraction machine and make sure to dispose of the bad samples.”

“Please…” Eileen weakly managed out of breath. “No more…”

“Quiet darling.” Maya said, kissing her forehead. “It will be over soon.” She stood up and the A.I.M agent escorted her out.

“Um, Ms. Hansen, there’s one other thing…” He said.

“And that is?” She asked.

“At the rate we’re going, how much we’re draining, she’s not going to survive the experiment. What we get out of her is all we’re going to have.”

“Then make sure it’s locked away in a safe location.” She ordered. “I don’t want to lose one drop.”

“Yes ma’am.” The agent said, walking off. Maya walked down the hall and opened the door.

“I hope you didn’t miss me…” She began when she noticed the empty tables, and Josh and Acacia nowhere to be found. Her shoulders dropped. “You’ve gotta be %$*@^&# kidding me.” She rushed into the hall. “Commander!”

“Yes ma’am.” Another A.I.M agent replied.

“Two prisoners have escaped, put your men on the lookout for a short black male and a tall white female, they’re in test subject attire, and they’re probably together. Go!”

“Right away.” He signaled to other A.I.M agents and they followed him down the hall.

“I underestimated you Joshua Westbrook.” She said to herself. “It won’t happen again.”

* * *

James stepped into an abandoned field in Rexburg, Idaho, with acres and acres grass. He began to walk when she stepped on something. He picked it up, a large chunk of metal, one of the many skipped over pieces during the cleanup of Mother Egg. He rubbed it.

“Peculiar.” He said. He looked around. He looked at his wrist. “I know you were here…”

“Excuse me.” James whipped around to see a little boy standing behind him.

“Oh, uh, hi.” James said. “Are you lost?”

“No, I know my way home.” He replied. “Are you crazy?”

“What? No, I’m not crazy! Why would you ask that?”

“Because there was another guy here in these fields yesterday. And he was crazy.”

“Oh yeah? How so?”

“He kept yelling to the sky for someone named Josh to beam him up. And he was saying shock a lot.” James was alerted.

“Oh, well… do you by any chance know where the crazy guy went?”

“I think so, he said ‘Oh shock, that’s right! They’re in Arizona now! I’m going in shocking circles now!’”

“He’s trying to find E.G.G.” James said to himself. “He’s been coming to me the entire time. But why…” James clapped. “Great, thanks kid. And watch the language, even if you’re quoting somebody.” The kid looked at him in confusion.

“But I didn’t say any bad words!”

“Right…” James said. Suddenly the grass began to blow. James looked up to see a S.H.I.E.L.D flying car, a black Ferrari specifically, descending towards him.

“Whoa!” The boy said. “That is so cool!”

“Yeah… Hey, listen, it’s kinda late. You should get home before your mom starts to worry.”

“But I…”

“No buts. Go on now.”

“Aw…” The kid sulked off as the car landed. James cautiously approached, his hand on his holster. Just then Squirrel Girl leapt out and began prancing around the grass on all fours.

“What the…” James began. She spotted James and her tail perked up in excitement.

“I found him!” She exclaimed. She began pouncing towards him.

“Oh no… no!” James turned and began to run but she tackled him to the ground. “Ah! Get off me! Who… what are you?”

“Wow, you’re a lot cuter up close!” She exclaimed. She sniffed his hair, then licked his cheek.

“Ah, gross! Stop it! Get off me!”

“You taste weird. Hey, you’re the guy that came out of the portal, right?”


“With that other guy in the blue suit and the skull on his chest?”

“How did you…”

“Squirrel Girl,” Rice said, approaching. “That’s enough, get off him.” Squirrel Girl hopped off and scampered behind Rice. Rice helped James up.

“Sorry about that, she gets… eager.”

“I see.” James said, dusting himself off. Rice held out his hand.

“Kyle Rice, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.” He said as James shook.

“S.H.I.E.L.D, huh?” James asked.

“Yes, I’ve been watching you for a long time now.”

“Ugh, Nick Fury. He said he was gonna be spying on me. Well you can go tell him…”

“No, no, you’ve got it wrong. I’m not spying on you, or anyone for that matter. I’m surveying E.G.G, keeping you guys out of… emanate danger.”

“Uh-huh…” James said skeptically. “Do Josh, Eileen and Acacia know about this?”

“No, but that’s the reason I’m here.” Rice inhaled. “They’ve gone missing, and I need your help getting them back.”

To Be Continued…

See you Thursday!

Alright, make sure you tune in next week Thursday, October 22, and catch the Q&A for this episode! Then come back the next day, October 23, for part 2 of this epic new 4-Part event: E.G.G v.s A.I.M! The gang's trapped in A.I.M! The race to escape is on!

Oh no! Maya's evil!?!? How'd you take it?

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