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E.G.G Q&A: Avengers v.s E.G.G Part 3

Updated on November 20, 2014


This Q&A session contains FULL SPOILERS for Avengers v.s E.G.G Part 3: Over Easy. If you have not read it yet, please click here to do so now!


In the midst of their defeat from their first confrontation with The Avengers, E.G.G barely had a chance lick their wounds, when the S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier pulled up in front of Mother Egg. Josh, Eileen, and Acacia went out to confront the three remaining Avengers, Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor. Before they left, Josh told Agent Allyson Whitcomb that if anything happened to him, he wanted her to take over E.G.G. Iron Man gave the E.G.G one more chance to surrender, but they confirmed their no by going on the attack. Meanwhile, in Mother Egg, Allyson was caught off guard by a surprise attack from Julian, who tried to blow up Mother Egg, but was luckily stopped in time by Agent Becket. On the Helicarrier, The Avengers took down Josh and Acacia, but Eileen then did something unexpected. Her eyes turned red, and she began to control Iron Man using her technopathic Extremis abilities. After Thor stopped her, they decided Eileen was too dangerous to be left alive, but Nick Fury soon came out and cleared the air, revealing that E.G.G was indeed sanctioned by S.H.I.E.L.D, and apologizing to Josh for the mess. Josh got back to Mother E.G.G with Eileen and Acacia, and everyone was relieved that the big war between E.G.G and The Avengers was finally over.

S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier
S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier

The S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier

Suddenly there was a flash of lightning within the clouds. Allyson jumped.

“Where’s this coming from?” She asked.

“You mean who.” She looked to see dozens of lights and a giant shadow within the clouds. Then it appeared. The S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier was floating directly in front of Mother Egg. Standing on the deck were Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America.

“Oh no…” Allyson whispered.

“Let’s end this.” Josh said. He turned and began to walk down a hall, followed closely by Allyson. Acacia turned the corner and rushed up to Josh.

“Um, hey Josh,” she said. “I saw the Helicarrier outside of my window. I’m dreaming right?”

“Unfortunately, no.” Josh said.

“Then we’re really in for it.” Eileen said, rounding the corner with Julian.

* * *

Talk about scary! The flying fortess known as the Helicarrier basically parked in front of Mother Egg with three Avengers on deck. I'd have surrendered, but Director Westbrook had no intention of doing so! Of course we knew that E.G.G is a division of S.H.I.E.L.D, but this is the first time we really see S.H.I.E.L.D. Plus, tell me this isn't the perfect final battle scene! High in the sky on the Helicarrier deck during a Thor-caused storm? I don't know about you, but I think that's pretty epic!

Director Allyson Whitcomb?

Allyson began to follow but Josh stopped her.

“What’s wrong?” She asked.

“Nothing,” Josh said. “Allyson, you’ve gained my trust and my respect. And now I need you to do something for me.”


“We might not make it back…”

“I’m prepared to take that risk.”

“That’s the thing, I don’t want you to.”

“But Director…”

“Allyson, we may not make it, but E.G.G needs to live on. They need a leader to rally behind. Someone with compassion, someone with strength, and I believe you can be that person.”

“You want me to lead E.G.G?”

“I know you have what it takes.”

“But Director Westbrook I… This is such a… big responsibility.”

“Well great power normally does come with great responsibility. But you won’t be alone. Make Julian your second in command and Agent Becket your captain. You three will lead a new generation of E.G.G.” Allyson stood, shocked. Then she shook her head.

“I won’t do it.” She said. Josh paused.

“Why not?”

“Because I know you’re going to make it back.” Josh smiled.

“Thank you for your faith Allyson, and goodbye.”

“Goodbye Director Westbrook.”

“Please, call me Josh.” Allyson smiled, and the door between them slid shut.

* * *

Um, pressure much? Now I know what you're all thinking: "Josh literally just got to know this agent, why is he making her Director!" Well, good question. But we're talking about the guy who waged war on the Avengers, so is good decision making really in his wheelhouse? Well, in truth, Josh didn't know what was gonna happen to them out there, but he had to make sure E.G.G went on. Allyson stood with him in battle and proved not only to be a model agent, but loyal as well. In what little time and choice he had, Josh decided that Allyson was the best candidate to continue E.G.G's legacy.

Julian, you little traitor!

Suddenly she heard a noise. She turned to see four grenades roll into the Inner Shell. “Grenades!” She shouted, but too late. They all went off, in a massive explosion that sent agents flying this way and that. Allyson sat up, injured and coughing. She activated her earpiece. “The Avengers have breached Mother Egg! I repeat, we have Avengers inside of Mother Egg!”

“No you don’t.” Allyson looked up to see Julian walk through the smoke. “You just got me.”

“Julian?” She asked. “I don’t understand, you’re on our side!”

“Now tell me why in my right mind I would join you eggheads.” Julian said. He stood up and walked over to the control panel.

“Julian, don’t do this.” Allyson begged. “You’re an agent of E.G.G.” Julian took out a glove with fingerprints on the tips. He scanned it on a scan pad, and that opened a hatch on the control panel. Under it was a button that read self-destruct. Allyson’s eyes widened. “No, no, you can’t!”

“Sorry,” Julian said. “But in the end, I’m an agent of Doom.”

* * *

Okay, so who didn't see this coming? No, seriously, I want to know, because I don't think I made it very obvious. But yeah, Julian is still loyal to Doom!?!? And just when you though they were bonding! Luckily Agent Becket was there to save the day! But this is a big turning point. The old friend, turned foe, that Josh finally decided to trust again, turned out to be a no good rat. Tragic, truly tragic.

Josh's Threat Assessment on Iron Man

Josh's Threat Assessment on Captain America

Out of Control Eileen!

Eileen stood up.

“I’ve had enough!” She shouted. She held out her hand at Iron Man, and he stopped. He began to turn his arm towards Captain America.

“Tony, what are you doing?” He asked, backing up.

“I’m not doing this!” He shouted. “Jarvis!”

“Sir, Agent Wuthrich is using Extremis to control your armor.” Jarvis replied.

“I have Extremis too! Fight back!” Iron Man unwillingly aimed his hand at Captain America and fired a repulsor blast. Cap blocked with his shield, but Eileen kept it coming, and forced Iron Man to begin moving in.

“Her dose is more concentrated sir,” Jarvis said. “She can easily overpower you.”

“Fight it Tony!” Cap shouted.

“I… can’t…” Iron Man said. He raised his other hand and fired both repulsor blasters at Captain America. Cap braced his shield with both hands.

“Tony…” He growled under the strain. Eileen stared angrily. Her eyes began to turn red. Captain America fell to his knees. Iron Man’s chest light began to power up. Eileen was about to have him fire the Unibeam when she heard a battle cry.

“Have at thee!” Thor shouted, flying at her with full force. Eileen growled, and using her other hand, blasted Thor with lightning. Thor stopped midair from the impact, but then began to absorb it in his hammer. “Foolish girl!” He shouted. “You dare to use the elements against the God of Thunder!” With that, he threw Mjolnir straight into Eileen. Eileen screamed as she slammed into the ground. Her eyes turned back to their normal green and blue, and she fell, unconscious. Iron Man rolled his arms around.

“I’m in control again.” He said. “That girl has Extremis in her. This is much worse than I thought. She’s too dangerous to be kept alive.”

* * *

Yikes! Talk about your power trips! Eileen went full on dark side there! She almost killed Cap, took control of Iron Man! Pretty stupid to attack Thor with lightning though, but still! This can't be good. Is the Extremis having unintended side effects on Eileen? Or is this the beginning of something much, much worse?

Next Episode

It's the day after AvE (Avengers v.s E.G.G... Well what would you call it!), and things will never be the same. Acacia digs deeper into the mystery she's indulged herself in, Eileen seeks to control her power, and Josh is getting into new kinds of trouble. In this special point one issue, the fallout from AvE just might be worse than the event itself! Check it out tomorrow, November 21, in E.G.G Episode 16.1: AvE Fallout!

So, now that AvE is over, are you ready to see what happens next?

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Don't Forget!

Remember to leave questions and comments after you read episode 16.1 so that I can address them in the Q&A next Thursday, November 27, Thanksgiving Day! Check and see the answer to your question!


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