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E.G.G Q&A: Episode 11

Updated on October 16, 2014


This Q&A contains full spoilers for E.G.G Episode 11: New Recruit. If you have not read it, please click here to do so now.


E.G.G was shaken to its core when Julian Woodfin crashed Mother Egg and Eileen was killed in the attack by his second in command, Venom. Now imagine how Eileen and Acacia felt when Josh added him to the team. Seeing good in him and finding his intel valuable, Josh felt that Julian would be a help to E.G.G. Eileen and Acacia tested Julian left and right, attempting to get him to slip up, but Julian held steady. In the Humpty Dumpty Hall, tensions finally rose to a breaking point, and Eileen expressed her full range of emotion. In the end, Eileen apologized, warned Julian that if he were ever to betray them, he would regret it.

Here's what you thought!

No questions or comments, but here's what you guys though about E.G.G Episode 11! One of you thought it was interesting! Another one of you said it was awesome! Somebody even called it useful! Useful? Uh... I'm not sure how, it's a fictional story! Maybe this person had someone they don't like join their team at work and didn't know how to deal with it until they read Episode 11. In which case, glad I could help! But yeah, thank you guys for the awesome and interesting, I live to deliver great stories, and it really makes me happy when you all enjoy it!

Julian Joins the Team!

“Who is he, or she, anyways?” Eileen asked. “Come on! You’ve been teasing us all week! Just tell us!”

“He, should be here any second.” Josh said, looking at his watch.

“Sir,” an agent called. “We’re getting a boarding request?”

“Send him on up!” Josh exclaimed. The agent pressed the button and a blue flash brought up the new recruit.

“Hello!” Acacia shouted. “And welcome to…” She stopped, and dropped the apple pie. The smile quickly faded from her face. Eileen’s eyes widened and her jaw dropped.

“No…” She said. There, in the middle of the Inner Shell, stood Julian Woodfin, holding a duffle bag, and smiling.

“So,” he said. “Where’s the confetti?”

* * *

Whoa! Who honestly saw that coming? Don't lie, you know you didn't! Julian, the guy that caused the incident from episodes 1-7, and whose crony, Tanner/Venom killed Eileen, is now part of E.G.G! Now, I had this decision made from the beginning, I knew I wanted Julian to join E.G.G, and you will definitely see the reasons why play out over the next few episodes. I know that this may divide my E.G.G fans in half, especially the big Eileen supporters who were quaked to their core when Eileen was killed! But Josh thinks he has something to bring, so let's trust in our director! Because this is either a really good idea, or the stupidest decision he's made since letting Madame Hydra up on Mother Egg!

Rainbow Eyes?

“Permission to kill.” Acacia growled.

“To shell with permission!” Eileen shouted and rushed across the room, choking Julian against the wall.

“Let him go Eileen!” Josh shouted. Eileen tightened her grip. Julian was choking, grasping at Eileen’s arm. “Let. Him. Go.” Eileen growled under her breath, then dropped Julian. He fell to the ground, gasping for breath.

“Missed you too rainbow eyes…” He coughed.

* * *

Okay, this isn't the first time you've seen Julian call Eileen Rainbow Eyes. Remember Episode 6?

* * *

"Eileen didn't have to die Julian!" Josh shouted. Julian looked shocked to hear this.

"Old rainbow eyes kicked it?" He asked. Then he looked down and smiled. "I would have liked to see that."

* * *

If you recall the Introduction to E.G.G (if not, please read it!) Eileen's eyes are descibed as one blue and one green. Julian clearly knows Josh and Eileen from the past, so this is a name that's been established for a while. It's kind of mean, but he's a bad guy, so... yeah.

Eileen's Threat

“I’m sorry I yelled at you.” She said. “And I’m sorry for my behavior. It was out of line.”

“Well apology accepted.” Julian said. “Thanks for that rainbow eyes. I appreciate it.”

“I’m sure you do. Now let me get one thing straight.” She got down real close, eye to eye with Julian. “Josh is a great guy, but he has one problem. He sees the good in people, even when it’s not there. I want you know that if you do anything, I mean anything, to threaten me, Josh, Acacia, or E.G.G, you’ll wish I killed you in that power plant. Understand.” Julian nodded.

“Yeah, I got it.” He said.

“Good.” Eileen growled. She stood up walked out the door.

“Eileen,” Julian said. She stopped in the doorway. “Sorry. Ya know, about what went down, with Tanner and stuff. That was pretty messed up.” Eileen stood for a second. Then she left. Julian unmuted the TV and finished flipping through channels.

* * *

Call it a warning all you want, but let's face it, that was a threat. She clearly isn't messing around, and Julain knows it. Also, Eileen thinks that Josh has a problem with judging character. That isn't good, him being the Director and all. And wasn't that sort-of apology from Julian sweet? I think we're making real progress here! Only time will tell though...

What the shell is Acacia doing!

“I was recently given a warning of danger nearing, along with a riddle: Seek the heart in the everlasting dominion. I think it has something to do with S.H.I.E.L.D.”

“Well whaddya think it means?”

“That’s what I want you to find out. Try and find the ‘heart’ of the Helicarrier, see if there’s anything, I don’t know, out of the ordinary.”

“Okay, but what’s the heart? The engine room? The bridge?”

“I wish I knew Clay.” Acacia sighed. “You’re all I’ve got right now.”

“Okay, I’ll see what I can do.”

“Thank you! Thank you so much.”

“Anything for you Acacia.” She smiled.

“Thanks. Take care of yourself Clay Quatermain.”

“Same to you.” With that, she hung up her phone, erased her call history, and left the room.

* * *

First off for all of the eagle eyed Marvel fans, yes, this is S.H.I.E.L.D agent Clay Quartermain that Acacia is talking to. And secondly, what's going on! Ever since that demon invaded Mother Egg its sufficient to say that Acacia has been up to some... sketchy things. What does this riddle mean? And will her old friend Clay Quartemain be able to help her solve it? All I can say is keep reading Eggheads, and find out! The result is pretty... shocking.

Next Episode

The Hypno-Hustler has invaded Mother Egg, but to beat him the eggheads must face off in a... rap battle!? Do they have what it takes to beat this funky fresh villain? Or are his moves too smooth! Find out tomorrow, October 17, in E.G.G Episode 12: Hustled!

How about it? All in for Episode 12?

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