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E.G.G Q&A: Episode 34

Updated on April 16, 2015


This Q&A Session contains full spoilers for E.G.G Episode 34: Power Trip, and a lot happened in this one! If you have not read it, please click here to do so now!


During another normal day at E.G.G, the gang was hit with a power outage. But this was no ordinary blackout, nothing using electricity worked at all! After looking into it, E.G.G figured out that they had been infiltrated by Zzzax, a living electricity gamma monster that feeds off of energy. In the midst of his attack on E.G.G's power core, he began to drain Eileen, almost killing her! But Josh and Acacia used quick thinking and overloaded Zzzax, saving the day!

Hall of E.G.G Gadget Guide

Accessing Database...


Gadget: Magneto Gloves

Description: A pair of gloves meant to manipulate metal, similar to the powers of the mutant Magneto.

Preliminaries: Failed

Field Test: N/A

Status: Experiment scrapped.

True Love

"I did a lot of thinking, and I’m gonna tell Josh I love him.”

“What exactly will that accomplish? You know the L word is a whole new level of serious, and frankly, he hasn’t been that great to you as it is…”

“Well, I’m gonna tell him and see if he says it back. And if he does I’m gonna tell him that if he wants to prove it he needs to go public with our relationship, or at least tell Commander Wuthrich and Captain Blanco. I’m tired of hiding. I want us to be free!”

“You’re talking crazy Allyson.”

“Am not! He’ll have more time for me if we don’t have to confine our relationship to dark alleys in the dead of night.”

“Look, I’ve got your best interest at heart, and I’m telling you, this seems like a really bad idea.”

“Don’t worry Beck,” She said, standing up and ruffling his hair. “I’m a big girl. I’ll be fine.”

* * *

Jallyson's rejoice! Allyson is in love with Josh, and she's ready to tell him! But Agent Becket brings up some pretty legitimate concerns. Will Josh return the favor? Or is their relationship destined for doom!

Josh's Threat Assessment on Zzzax

E.G.G v.s Zzzax!

“Come on out, Zzzax.” He called. Lightning struck the ground and Zzzax formed in front of them. “So you turned out the lights? Well now you need to turn off the dark.”

“Zzzzzzzzaaaaaaaxxxxxxx!” He roared. Josh and Acacia assumed a fighting stance. Eileen energized her hands. Zzzax immediately looked at her. “Bioelectric energy… need more power… must have!” Zzzax blasted Josh and Acacia out of the way and grabbed Eileen. “Mine!” He lit up and engulfed Eileen in orange lightning.

“AAAAHHHHH!!!” She screamed, as Zzzax began to drain her. Josh looked up.

“What’s he doing to her?” He asked.

“Eileen’s body is constantly generating bioelectric energy,” Acacia said. “In other words, she’s an all you can eat buffet, and Zzzax is the fat guy that shows up and eats all the food!”

“We gotta stop him!” Josh and Acacia rushed forward, but were stopped short and electrocuted by the electric field the two were emitting.

* * *

I always thought Zzzax was a cool villain, and really wanted to use him. I had no idea for a plot or anything, I just remember early on thinking "Wow, wouldn't it be cool if E.G.G fought Zzzax!" It took a while but I finally had a free episode and got around to it. I think it's interesting because the E.G.G gang is basically a group of geniuses, and so an energy monster, as Eileen stated, is kind of right up their alley. I also thought it was a fun touch to have Zzzax try to drain Eileen, because her body is basically generating bioelectric energy. It's a cool fight because they can't just punch him, they have to figure out how to beat him using their smarts, or Eileen would have been toast!

Oh, Acacia

“Well,” she said. “I’d say that whole experience was pretty, shocking.”

“Stop.” Josh said, walking away.

“Aw, watts the matter, you gonna blow a fuse?” She said, following him.

“I’m serious.”

“I think my jokes are pretty electrifying.”

“I’m not listing.”

“No need to be short with me.”

“Go away Acacia!”

“I’m telling better jokes than you! Hertz, doesn’t it?”

“AH!” Josh ran off.

“Come back!” She called, chasing him. “I’ve got at least 1.21 gigawatts more to go!”

* * *

I know, but I couldn't help myself. So many electricity puns! Don't judge me.

Agent Rice

Outside of the library, a small spark of orange lighting jumped out of an outlet and formed Zzzax. He was only five inches tall.

“Zzzzzzzzzaaaaaaaaaxxxxxxxxx!” He roared. “Need… more… power!” He began to stalk off, but was covered by a shadow from behind. He turned to see Agent Rice standing over him with a metal canister. Rice kneeled down and pressed a button on the canister. It opened and began to absorb Zzzax. “Nnnnnnooooooo!” He shouted, as he was sucked inside of the canister. Rice screwed the lid on and attached it to his belt.

“Idiots.” He said, and walked away.

* * *

Well, Agent Rice is still watching E.G.G, and it looks like he's helping them from the shadows! What was Fury's mission? Why does he want Rice to watch E.G.G? What's going on? Questions, questions indeed. But just know that he's here, and so far it looks like to help.

See you tomorrow!

Make sure to read Episode 35 tomorrow and post comments and any questions you have so that I can answer them in the Q&A next Thursday, April 21!

Next Episode

Harry's friends Peter and Mary Jane are coming to visit him. Everything seems to be going fine, when suddenly a foe looking for revenge returns and threatens everything. He may be too much for Josh, Lightstream, and Acacia, but can he handle the Amazing Spider-Man! Find out tomorrow, April 17, in E.G.G Episode 35: Spider-Man!

Who's ready for Spider-Man!!!!!!

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