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E.G.G Q&A: Episode 43

Updated on August 13, 2015


This Q&A Session contains full spoilers for E.G.G Episode 43: Sandblasted! If you have not read it, please click here to do so now!


E.G.G decided to take a break with a day at the beach. But it was only fun in the sun until the Sandman showed up. In an epic battle, Lightstream met James "for the first time" while rescuing him, Josh saved his new flame, a girl known only as Maya, Agent Rice and Squirrel Girl tackled their first official mission, and Acacia invented the Sandblaster, taking Sandman down and saving everyone on the beach!

Hall of E.G.G Gadget Guide

Accessing Database...


Gadget: Sandblaster

Description: A device that can de-atomize its target and scatter their molecules across the globe. It was only used by Acacia on Sandman, because it’s a bit inhumane to de-atomize a person…

Preliminaries: Skipped

Field Test: Success

Status: Not Approved for Mass Production

Meet Maya

Josh was about to run in when he stopped. He saw Acacia splashing at Harry. He saw Eileen and James swimming around each other. He sighed, then sat on his towel.

“Odd man out.” He said to himself.

“Tell me about it.” A girl said, sitting next to him. Josh cleared his throat.

“Um, hey.” He said.

“Hey,” She said, pulling sun screen out of her bag. “Sucks doesn’t it? All your buddies having fun in sun, and you’re on the sidelines, asking yourself ‘where did I go wrong?’. Me, I’ve been through the same song and dance plenty of times. Eventually, you realize that friends come and go, and you gotta live for you. Soak up the sun and enjoy the moment.” She looked at Josh, who was just staring at her. She held out her hand. “Maya.” Josh snapped out of his trance.

“Josh.” He said, shaking her hand. “Nice, uh, sentiments.” Maya shrugged.

“You know, I’ve been through stuff.” She said. “Learned things. Got a soft spot for people that get left behind.”

* * *

It looks like Josh has a new crush! Could Maya be Allyson's replacement? Josh's next step? Are the Jaya shippers forming?(Or the Mosh's?) Who knows! What we do know, however, is that Josh done got dem digits! You know, in his speedo... Besides, isn't time Josh got some love!

Agent Rice and the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl!

Rice and Squirrel Girl jumped into the sandstorm, only to be lifted into the air by the hard blowing winds.

“Whoa!” Squirrel Girl screamed as she swirled around.

“This is insane!” Rice shouted. He grabbed onto a palm tree leaf and caught Squirrel Girl by the tail.

“Ow! Seriously?” She screamed.

“Sorry, it’s the easiest thing to grab.” He called back. “Now, we need to get Josh his bag. He packed a Repulsor Blaster, it could help with this whole fiasco if I’m right about what’s going on.”

“That’s it right?” She asked, pointing to Josh’s bag hanging on the edge of a beachside shack.

“Yeah,” Rice said. “Oh boy, okay, take my hand!” Squirrel Girl reached and took Rice’s hand. “Good. Get ready to grab the bag!” Squirrel Girl nodded. Rice let go of the tree and they were swept into the storm. They soared past the bag, and Squirrel Girl swiped at it, knocking it free, but failing to grab it.

“I missed!” She shouted.

“It’s okay, we’re circling around, try again.” Rice turned his body in the storm and guided Squirrel Girl with him.

“Look out!” She shouted as an umbrella was thrown at them. Rice let Squirrel Girl go and it flew between them. “Aaaaahhhhh!” She screamed as she was swept away. Rice spun and launched himself forward. He reached out.

“Grab my hand!” He called.

“Wait, I can get the bag!” She shouted back. She reached out her tail and caught the bag by the handles, firmly securing it. Then she grabbed Rice’s hand. “Okay, go!”

* * *

Well, looks like these two make a pretty good team! I'd say they were meant to be partners from the start! Agent Rice has been a loner for a while now, and I thought giving him a partner would add an interesting new dynamic to his arc. After all, it gets boring just reading about him laying on a roof and spying on E.G.G. There'll be a lot more Agent Rice and Squirrel Girl to come!

E.G.G Director Profile: Sandman

The Sandman

“Hey Sandman!” She called. Sandman turned as Lightstream’s fist lit up and she punched him. He suddenly blew into a cloud of sand. “What the-” She said as he reformed behind her.

“Hahaha!” He laughed, morphing his arm into a giant sand hammer and knocking Lightstream to the ground.

“Ow!” She looked up angrily. “You son of a shellhead…” Just then she looked to see James’s arm sticking out of the sand, grasping for anything. “James!” She grabbed his hand as Sandman turned his arm into a sand blade and slashed at her. She took of just in the nick of time, pulling James out of the sand.

* * *

What other villain would terrorize the beach? Sandman has always been a great villain to me, and I thought it'd be really cool to see E.G.G go up against him. Not only are they trying to save everyone on the beach from his massive storm, but they also have to beat a villain that can't be harmed by simple kicks and punches. Spider-Man always has to think outside of the box when he fights Sandman, and now, so does E.G.G. But getting hit with the Sandblaster probably put him out of commission for a long time...

Pretty weird love triangle...

She hugged him close.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got you.” She said.

“Thanks,” James replied, gasping for breath. He looked at her. “Lightstream right?” She nodded. “Wow, Westbrook was right. You are pretty hot.” Lightstream blushed.

“You think I’m hot?” She asked, smiling.

“Yeah, well… look out!” He shouted. She looked to see the roof of a shack heading at them.

“Ah!” She screamed, spinning out of the way and out of the storm. She landed on a roof and dropped James off. “Stay here, okay.”

“No problem.” James replied she flew back into the storm.

* * *

So Eileen likes James, but we have no idea if he likes her, but James is clearly taken by Lightstream, but Lightstream is Eileen, so she already likes James! Man, this is confusing! Let's hope it doesn't continue on like this!

See you tomorrow!

Make sure to read Episode 44 tomorrow and post comments and any questions you have so that I can answer them in the Q&A next Thursday, August 20! Season 3 is about to get real!

Next Episode

A new villain presents himself to E.G.G and the entire Marvel Universe! Also in this issue, a glimpse in the past of Josh and Eileen, and the secrets of what happened between them and their longtime sworn foe, Julian Woodfin! Uncover all of the secrets tomorrow, August 14, in one of E.G.G's most dramatic episodes to date, E.G.G Episode 44: Scramble!

Tuning in tomorrow?

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