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E.G.G Q&A: Episode 5

Updated on September 4, 2014


This Q&A contains full spoilers for E.G.G Episode 5: Agents of Doom. And this one has some HUGE spoilers. So, if you haven't yet read it, the click here to read Episode 5.


This episode was quite shocking to say the least, for a few different reasons:

  1. The hatchlings were evil!
  2. Tanner was Venom!
  3. Mother Egg crashed!
  4. Eileen died!!!!!

Yep, shocking indeed. Julian and his agents of doom wasted no time dispatching Josh and friends. Is this the end of E.G.G? Sure seems like it to me!

Okay, so here's how we're doing this.

Since no one seems to want to ask questions or leave comments, like, ever, today, instead of making them up like I usually do, I'm going to address the four shocking aspects about this episode. Give some behind the scenes, why I did it, what this means for the series, stuff like that. And then, when hopefully you all leave questions and comments in episode 6, we can return to the usual format. But until then, I think I'm just gonna do it like this. Alright, here we go.

The Hachlings were Evil!

“You’ve laid low this long Julian!” Josh shouted. “Why come out of the blue now!”

“Well that’s an easy question.” Julian responded. “This is the only time of the year you let 65 complete strangers onto your base. I had to take the opportunity.” Josh’s eyes widened.

“The hatchlings!” He gasped.

“Yes, the new recruits. 50 of them work for me.”

* * *

Yep, that was a pretty crafty move by Julian. He's a sneaky one indeed. Now, I know what you're all immediately thinking: Hydra, Captain America The Winter Soldier, yada, yada, yada. Well, I actually wrote this long before I knew The Winter Soldier was going to become a movie, so, there goes that theory. Unless you just don't believe me, then I guess you can keep that theory. But I'm telling the truth!

It was really a smart play. Like Julian said, Josh let 65 complete strangers onto Mother Egg. You think that background checks would be in order, but I guess it was just a plain oversight. An oversight that cost E.G.G everything, but an oversight nonetheless. Being that most of the already established E.G.G agents are transfers from S.H.I.E.L.D, Josh probably wasn't thinking too clearly about the whole 'security' deal.

But yeah, I just thought to myself while writing this: "Mother Egg is pretty secure, how's Julian just gonna get on board?" Well, inside agents was the best way to go. Cause some internal sabotage, tamper with the machinery, and Julian gets an all access pass to Mother Egg. Now, the real mystery comes in when Julian refers to himself and his cronies as agents of doom. I wonder, could Julian possibly be working for someone else? Hm...

Tanner was Venom!

Speaking of Julian's cronies, let's discuss the symbiotic matter of Tanner Powell becoming the deadly foe known to many Marvelites as Venom:

“Powell? Tanner!” He quickly looked up and roared. It was like something out of a nightmare! He had become a huge, black creature. It had fangs, multiple sharp teeth, and an extremely long tongue hanging out of his mouth. He had long, sharp claws, and lastly, a giant white spider symbol on his chest.

“There is no Tanner.” He hissed. “There is only Venom.”

* * *

Yes indeed, there was only Venom after Tanner transformed. Now, everyone's probably wondering "Well where is Eddie Brock?" I can safely assure you that Eddie Brock does indeed exist in the E.G.G Universe, and you might even see him in a future episode. But for now, Tanner has the (or a) symbiote, and is leading the charge as Julian's second in command.

The most terrifying aspect about Tanner, I believe, is the fact that he's completely and totally insane! That's a bit of a problem when combined with a symbiote. Kletus Cassidy ring any bells?

Mother Egg Crashed!

“What was that?” Acacia asked.

“I don’t know Acacia.” Josh said. Then it happened again. The base shook, more violently this time. Acacia hit the wall and Josh was thrown into a computer terminal. And all of Rexburg watched as Mother E.G.G fell to the ground.

* * *

Jeez, talk about overkill! Now, the S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier falls out of the sky every other Thursday (According to Nick Fury's second in command Maria Hill). But this is the first time it's happened to E.G.G, so they're not really used to this sort of thing. Too bad they did't have any time to assess the situation, because not only were Julian's men sprawled throughout the base, but they got some pretty bad news a few minutes later.

Now, I knew that if Julian didn't come in with something big, he was just gonna be all talk. And let's face it, nobody likes a villain that's all talk. So what's bigger than taking down the entire organization in one feel swoop? Well, I can't think of anything, can you? And lastly, the most deplorable act the agents of doom committed in their time on Mother Egg...

Eileen Died!!!

Suddenly Venom dropped down behind her and grabbed her in a choke hold.

“Surprise!” He shouted, as Eileen struggled to escape. “And now, for my next trick!” Using the symbiote’s morphing capabilities, he turned his arm into a blade thrust it through Eileen’s back. Eileen shrieked, her eyes widened, then Venom dropped her to the ground. “Well, that was easy.” He said, leaping out of the room, laughing the entire time. Eileen laid on the ground, gasping.

“I… failed…” She managed to say with her last breath, as she then closed her eyes.

* * *

She failed indeed, in the worst way possible. Slain from behind by a sneak attack from Venom. This was truly a tragic way to go.

The decision to kill Eileen was not easy. I know that in the first four episodes she may have become some people's favorite character. But like I always say, everything I do in E.G.G, I do for a reason. Now, Josh and Acacia are all that's left of the trio, and you can bet Julian or Tanner aren't getting off free. At all. Plus, you can always see Eileen again... in flashbacks. Or maybe even as a ghost? This is the Marvel U we're talking about here, nothing is off limits!

Next Episode

Eileen is dead. Mother Egg has crashed to the ground. And behind it all? Josh and Eileen's old friend gone rouge Julian Woodfin. Now it's up to Josh and Acacia to save what's left of E.G.G, and avenge their fallen friend. Sparks fly in this episode, with appearances from Nick Fury, Black Widow, and some surprise characters! So don't miss it! Tune in tomorrow, September 5, to read E.G.G Episode 6: For the Fallen!

So, will you be checking out Episode 6?

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After you read Episode 6 be sure to leave questions and comments, those fuel our Q&A sessions! All will be answered next Thursday, September 11. So make sure you read Episode 6 tomorrow and let me know what you think!


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