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E.G.G Q&A: Episode 50

Updated on October 1, 2015


This Q&A Session contains full spoilers for E.G.G Episode 50: Destroy! If you have not read it, please click here to do so now!


When Sentinels attack, the X-Men, the Inner Circle, and E.G.G all were forced to put their differences aside and work together in an all out epic brawl! Unfortunately, their combined efforts weren't enough, and Jean had to take in the Phoenix Force to finish the Sentinels for good. However, the X-Men and Inner Circle forced her into the Dark Phoenix, leading to the death of Mastermind. Eileen was fortunately able to appeal to the Phoenix's thirst for knowledge, and prevented a disaster that could have spelled the end of the known universe.

She's a mutant!

“Come on guys!” Josh called, running with James, Acacia and Eileen close by. “We gotta get out of here! Now!”

“But the X-Men!” Eileen said.

“They are more than capable of taking care of themselves!” Josh called. Suddenly a Sentinel hovered down and landed directly in front of them.

“Mutant detected.” It said, rockets emerging from its shoulders. “Destroy.”

“What?” Acacia said. “Who’s he talking about?”

“He’s talking about me!” Eileen said. The three of them looked at her.

“What?” They all asked simultaneously. The Sentinel then launched the rockets.

“Crap!” Josh exclaimed. Just then, Angel swooped in and grabbed Eileen. Jean mentally pulled Acacia out of the way and Shadowcat grabbed Josh and James, phasing them into the ground.

* * *

Well, what a way to figure out, huh? After Episodes 38-40 were pretty much wiped out of existence by James and Spider-Man 2099, the rest of the gang, or even Eileen for that matter, have no idea she was a mutant. The Inner Circle told her last episode, and now everyone knows. Wonder what kind of repercussions will come of it?

Marvel Team-Up!

“X-Men, take down the Sentinels!” Cyclops ordered.

“It will be done!” Storm called, flying to the sky and creating lighting clouds.

“I think it’s time we took our leave…” Shaw said. He turned to go but was intercepted by Wolverine.

“I don’t know where you think you’re goin’ bub.” He said, popping his claws with a snikt.

“Shaw,” Beast said. “The Sentinels will hunt you down if you run. They’ll hunt us all down. The most logical course of action is to destroy them, and for that, we need your help!”

“We wouldn’t dream of helping such incompetent…” Selene began but Shaw stopped her.

“You are right, Dr. McCoy.”

“Sebastian…” Emma said. “You can’t be serious.”

“Inner Circle, help the X-Men destroy the Sentinels!” He ordered.

“I hate my life.” Pierce said, charging into battle.

* * *

Say what?!?! The X-Men and the Inner Circle fighting together? Say it ain't so! Well, I really wanted to do this because A) It's twice as many mutants fighting Sentinels, and B) Power combos! Cyclops shooting Emma in diamond form? Storm and Eileen powering up Shaw? Let's face it, the 50th Episode Spectacular was on big action blitz, and that's exactly what I wanted it to be!

Jean's decision

“The Phoenix!” She said. “That’s it! The Sentinels haven’t accounted for it, and it’s the most powerful entity in the known universe!”

“Wait a minute!” Acacia said. “We’re not shoveling that thing into Eileen!”

“Not her,” Jean said. “Me.”

“Jean!” Beast exclaimed.

“Nuh-uh, no way Jeanie!” Wolverine said.

“After what happened last time?” Cyclops said, grabbing her shoulders. “Jean, I nearly lost you. I won’t go through that again, you can’t go through that again.”

“Let’s not make this about me.” She said. “I don’t wish that misery unto anyone else. It’s my sole responsibility.”

“You can’t control it.” Emma declared. “You’ll turn into Dark Phoenix again.”

“Let me determine that.” Jean said. “I’ve been working with the Professor. I’m stronger than you think.”

“Jean,” Eileen said. “Maybe if we split it…”

“The Phoenix is most powerful in one host body.” She said. “My body.”

“There has to be another way.” Cyclops said.

“Uh, guys…” James said, hovering in the air. “I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but wave two is just around the corner.”

“Our plan is long past foiled!” Selene shouted. “Just get the Stepford sisters, I’m not ready to die yet!” Shaw looked at Jean, then sighed.

“Very well.” He nodded at Emma. Emma held her hand to her head. A small compartment on the ground opened and the Cuckoos came out in a row. They stood in front of Jean and held out their hands. Jean opened her arms.

“I’m ready.” She said. “Come back to me.”

* * *

Whoa, those X-Men, huh? Always making the hard choices, the tough calls. Even after the Dark Phoenix fiasco, Jean still took in the Phoenix Force to save everyone. That's heroism!

The Dark Phoenix

“It rightfully belongs to us!” Selene declared.

“It is a she and her name is Jean!” Shadowcat replied.

“She is beyond Jean!” Shaw shouted. “She is power incarnate! She is Phoenix!”

“I’ve heard enough!” Cyclops shouted. “Jean, let’s go.”

“Phoenix, come with me!” Shaw ordered.





“AAAAAHHHHHH!!!” She screamed, as a burst of flame flared from her body.

“Whoa!” Acacia shouted as everyone jumped back.

“Scott…” She weakly groaned.

“Jean?” He asked, kneeling next to her. “Is that you?”

“You have to leave, now!” She shouted.

“What is it? What’s wrong? Talk to me Jean!”

“I… I…” She opened her eyes, which were now glowing red. “I can’t control it!” Two fiery wings spurted from her back, and her costume went from green to red. “Dark Phoenix rises!” She shouted, flying up into the sky.

“NO!” Cyclops screamed. “Jeeeeeaaaaaaaaaannnnnnn!”

* * *

Unfortunately, sometimes heroism backfires and you get the Dark Phoenix, which is basically the end of everything. After the X-Men and Inner Circle drove her nuts, Jean just couldn't keep the beast in. I really wanted Dark Phoenix in E.G.G. I can't do a whole saga, but I thought this brief appearance would suffice.

Mastermind no more

“Wait!” Mastermind said, “She can still be ours! If I just create the proper illusion, I can fool her into…”

“Don’t be a fool Wyngarde!” Leland called. “The battle is lost!”

“Not for me!” Mastermind held his hands out to Dark Phoenix. “Succumb to my illusions! You are my slave!” Dark Phoenix slowly and angrily turned to Mastermind.

“Get out of my head.” She growled.

“Run!” Shaw shouted, as the Inner Circle began to flee.

“You will be mine!” Mastermind screamed.

“Are you crazy bub!” Wolverine called. “Get out of there!” Dark Phoenix held out her hand and launched a giant fireball at Mastermind.

“NNNNOOOOOOO!!!!!” Mastermind screamed as the full power of Dark Phoenix collided with him, and reduced him to dust.

* * *

Hm. Well... ouch. That's not good. Hope it doesn't come back later to bite anyone in the butt.

Happy end, lame jokes...

“Well, I guess we’re done here.” He said. “Now, if it’s not asking too much, can we please go home!”

“Come on guys,” Eileen said, taking James’s hand. “Let’s go before Josh has a stroke.”

“Thank you!” Josh exclaimed.

“Don’t forget her!” Nightcrawler said, pointing to Acacia, who was still locking lips with Warren.

“Acacia, come on.” Josh said. She held up her finger and continued to kiss him. “Acacia, it’s over, let’s go!” She fanned him down and kept kissing Warren. “I’m serious! I think the poor guy’s had enough!” After another ten seconds she finally let him go.

“Okay, now I’m done.” She said, slipping her number into the costume of a very dazed Warren. “Call me.” She said, joining her friends.

“Hey guys,” Josh said. “What do you call an evil Lightstream?”

“I don’t necessarily care.” James replied.

“Darkstream!” Josh exclaimed. They all kept walking. “Get it? Cause the light, and she’s evil, and… Oh come on! That was gold!” And the four heroes returned home.

* * *

Hehe, Acacia kissing Warren. I don't wanna start a Waracia ship, I just thought it'd be funny! Also, what about Josh's joke? No? I thought it was funny...

You'll neverrrrrrr seeeee him coming......

A man stood atop a hill. He was shrouded in shadow, but dressed in robes, his hands hidden beneath them. A woman soon approached him.

“Everything is going according to plan.” She said.

“Good.” The man replied.

“There were some… complications.” The man frowned.

“I do not like the sound of that.”

“But they weren’t in slightest bit bad. In fact, I’d say we have an entirely new matter at hand. One I feel will be even more beneficial than what we had previously intended.” The man smiled.

“This is pleasing news.”

“I’m glad you’re happy. Now, all that’s left is to spring the trap.” The man freed his hands from the robe and clasped them together, revealing ten rings, one on each finger, each with a different Chinese symbol carved into it.

“Well then what are we waiting for?”

* * *

Who the shell was that? Well, as with all my epilogue mysteries, you'll have to wait to find out. Unless you already know... in which case congratulations!

See you tomorrow!

Make sure you tune in tomorrow, September October 2, to read the E.G.G Episode 51: Technovore! Leave all your questions so I can answer them in the Q&A next Thursday, October 8! The action just keeps coming!

Next Episode

A deadly virus has invaded E.G.G Base! It's up to Jocasta to stop it, but will she be able to survive, or is this the end of E.G.G's beloved AI, and Celeste's best friend? Find out tomorrow, October 2, in E.G.G Episode 51: Technovore!

You tuning in tomorrow?

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