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E.G.G Q&A: Episode 57

Updated on November 27, 2015


This Q&A Session contains full spoilers for E.G.G Episode 57: Eileen Wuthrich: Director of E.G.G! If you have not read it, please click here to do so now!


After the events of E.G.G v.s A.I.M, Josh officially stepped down as Director of E.G.G, and Eileen stepped up to the plate. Immediately she began changing rules, letting everyone in the Humpty Dumpty Hall, making it okay to date in house, and even demoting Josh to Captain! Josh did not like this one bit. While Eileen was trying to control E.G.G, Josh was on his own mission to get his organization back. He suited up in the Director's Revenge armor and almost killed Eileen in a crazed rage! Eileen beat him in an epic battle, and now she faces an uncertain future as the new Director of E.G.G!

From the ground up

“Either way, I was reviewing some policies and thought that we could benefit from a few minor changes.” Eileen took out a list. “I understand that there is a cap on the amount of Pop Tarts you are allowed to eat?” All of the agents disgruntledly confirmed as Josh smiled in approval. “Well, this rule is unnecessary, and frankly, quite silly.” Josh sat up quickly.

“Eileen…” He firmly whispered. “What are you doing?”

“So, from this day forth, the cap is lifted, and you can eat as many Pop Tarts as you’d like.” The room was filled with roaring applause.

“No, no, no, this is a mistake!” Josh began to stand up but Acacia grabbed his pants and pulled him back into his chair.

“Shut up and sit down.” She said. Josh sunk in his seat sadly.

“Next point of order.” Eileen said. “I understand that there is a rule prohibiting dating amongst agents? Initially, this was done because the notion of dating a coworker was inappropriate and unprofessional. Well, recently I’ve fallen for a quite handsome man,” She said, looking at James, who smiled. “And so I figured, what’s the harm in a little love? So, form this day forth, inter agency dating is now permitted.”

“Thank you!” An agent in the audience screamed, as he grabbed the girl next to him and they began to passionately make out.

“Geez, wonder how long that’s been going on.” Acacia said.

“She can’t do that!” Josh exclaimed. “She can’t do this! There are rules in place for a reason, she can’t just…”

“Shh…” Acacia shushed. Josh folded his arms and angrily sat back as everybody cheered.

* * *

Well, Eileen certainly came in making a bunch of changes! No wonder Josh got so upset! But let me know what you guys think. Turning the dating rule around, was that a good idea? What about letting everyone in the Humpty Dumpty Hall? Only time will tell. But we know one thing for sure: E.G.G will never be the same!


“Now lastly, I would like to make known that former Director Joshua Westbrook’s rank is now commander, so you will address him as…”

“Oh come on!” Allyson called. “We’d all have to work a lifetime to get that high! Take him down to Captain!” The audience cheered in agreement.

“You’ve got to be kidding me…” Josh said.

“Captain! Captain! Captain!” The audience chanted. Eileen looked nervously at Josh, who shook his head no. She sighed.

“If you all think it’s fair,” She said. “Then Captain Westbrook it is.”

“NO!” Josh shouted, but was drowned out by the roar of applause.

“One more thing,” Allyson said. “I hate to be nit-picky, but, the jacket, yeah, that’s breaking uniform.” Josh looked down at his blue leather trench coat. “Only the director can break uniform.”

“No, Eileen, please, not my coat!” Josh begged.

“Loose the coat! Loose the coat! Loose the coat!” The audience chanted. Eileen looked to Josh and held out her hand. Josh’s lip quivered as he took off of his coat and handed it to Eileen. The audience went wild.

* * *

Ouch. Not only did Josh lose his position as Director, but he got bumped down quite a few notches! Poor guy, probably what pushed him over the edge! And he lost his jacket too... Well, I guess ex's hold grudges! Of course, I can't make it easy! If Josh is gonna step down, there's gonna be some major fallout, and stuff he wasn't prepared for, like this.

A day in the life

Eileen walked into the Inner Shell and looked around to see every agent with a Pop Tart.

“Geez,” She said. “Guess they do like Pop Tarts.” Suddenly two agents slammed against the wall in front of her and began making out. “Wow! Okay, hey you two, back to work!” They continued to make out, completely ignoring Eileen. “Hello? Did you hear a word I just…” Suddenly there was an explosion in the Humpty Dumpty Hall. “What the shell was that!” She rushed in to see a bunch of agents scorched from the blast, and one holding two wires.

“Um… I can explain Director…” He said.

“Agent, what was your field at S.H.I.E.L.D?” She asked.

“… Combat…”

“So why are you in here?”

“I had an idea for a new invention!”

“But you had no clue as to how to work any of the equipment in here?”

“I figured it’d be self-exclamatory…”

“Get out.” Eileen said as he rushed out. “My goodness, these people are going mad!”

“Director Eileen.” Jocasta called.

“Just Eileen for you Jocasta, we’re friends.” Eileen corrected.

“Revising… Just Eileen, Director Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D is on in conference room B-3.”

“Oh, okay, thank you. And it’s just Eileen.”

“That is what I said, Just Eileen.”

“No, there’s no just, it’s only Eileen.”

“As you wish, Only Eileen.”

“No! I… agh, never mind!”

* * *

It's not easy being Director. And even though Eileen thought she was making the right decisions, there are rules for a reason, and you can't change them without making guidelines. Eileen wanted to please the people, but there's more to being Director than that. She may be more responsible, getting reports to Fury and suspending Agent Becket, but she still needs the experience so that she can make the right judgement call.

Josh v.s Eileen!

“Yaaaaaaa!!!!!” Josh screamed, wildly flailing his arms and charging at Eileen.

“Ahhhhh!!!!” Eileen cried, running in perfect form towards Josh. The two collided, and Josh slid back. He sat up and wiped his mouth.

“Ohhh, so you think you’re tough, huh?” he said.

“Stand down Josh, I don’t want to hurt you!”

“It’s not me you should worry about getting hurt! Hahaha!” Just then a small missile folded out of his arm.

“Oh shell!” Eileen shouted as he launched it. She jumped up, grabbed a bar, spun around and launched herself to another walkway.

“Oh, you got some moves, do ya now?” Josh shouted. He knocked his boots together and fire spewed out, launching him into the air. “Hahahahaha!” He laughed, shooting at Eileen with his wrist gun. She sprinted down the walkway to avoid his fire, but Josh flipped around in the air and landed in front of her. He aimed his gun and she stopped.

“You’re not well, let me help you Josh.” She said, backing up.

“You think you’re cute, huh?” He said. “With your stupid red hair and your multi-colored eyes and your little button nose! I’ll show you who’s cute!” He grabbed her and picked her up over his head.

“Ah! Josh, put me down!” She yelled. He walked over to the ledge where an electric generator was running at full strength at the bottom.

“Happy landings!” He shouted, throwing her down.

“Ahhh!” She screamed. She hurtled towards the generator, but just before she fell in, she stopped herself midair and landed safely on the walkway. Josh looked down.

“Still alive? No matter, I’ll finish the job myself!” He jumped down and landed in front of Eileen.

“Josh, come back to me, or I will hurt you, badly!” She gathered lightning on her hands.

“Go ahead and try!” Josh shouted. He pressed a button on his wrist and a laser began to charge. “Have a nice rep as the shortest lived director in history! Hahahahaha-”

* * *

What a battle! I just want to make clear that Josh is not a super villain, but the pressure of losing everything at once got to him and, well, he kind of lost it. He wasn't ready for everything that came with stepping down as the Director of E.G.G. But now I feel he's more prepared. Well, reluctantly content... at the least.


“Seriously Westbrook?” Fury asked Josh, who was sitting in Fury’s office. “Day one as director, and you try to kill her?”

“I told you, I regret my actions sir.” Josh said. “I… kind of lost it. But I’m fine now, really!”

“Then why am I not convinced?” Fury asked, leaning in close to Josh. Josh cleared his throat.

“I was just upset, I thought that she was trying to undermine my authority…”

“Don’t talk to me about authority!” Fury ordered. Josh nervously swallowed.

“I’m sorry sir…”

“I have the full report right here.” He said, opening a file. “It says that you attacked her in a mechanized battle suit, with intent to kill. Where did you even get a mechanized battle suit?”

“It was a, uh… prototype, left over in the Hall of E.G.G…” Fury sighed and walked over to the window.

“Talking to me about authority.” He said. “You know, I have authority to demote you to a mall cop running graveyard shift in the middle of nowheres-ville Kansas.”

“I know sir.” Josh said. Fury threw the file on the desk.

“And what’s the matter with you? A Pop-Tart limitation? Come on.”

“The agents get out of control sir.” Josh defended. Fury shook his head.

“Wish I’d have known that earlier. Would’ve made you take it off immediately.”

“I’m sorry sir.” Fury began to leave, then stopped.


“I’m keeping an eye on him sir.”

“He’s building something in your base.”

“I can’t tell what it is yet, but I’m having Jocasta run close surveillance.” Fury nodded and left the room. “Have a nice day sir!” Josh called after him.

“Talking to me about authority…” Fury grumbled to himself, and went to continue his daily routine.

* * *

I couldn't help it.

Make sure you tune in tomorrow, November 27, to read E.G.G Episode 58: Heroes for Hire! Leave all your questions so I can answer them in the Q&A next Thursday, December 3! You met Luke Cage in Jessica Jones, now see him in E.G.G!

Next Episode!

With E.G.G always fighting super villains, how can they have time to make gadgets for S.H.I.E.L.D? Answer: They hire super heroes! Luke Cage and Iron Fist guest star in this issue as they take care of all off E.G.G's superhero business! But what exactly defines 'superhero' business? Eind out tomorrow, November 27, in E.G.G Episode 58: Heroes for Hire!

Who's tuning in tomorrow?

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