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E.G.G Q&A: Episode 9

Updated on October 2, 2014

First, some Big News!

E.G.G's gone global! Not really though, I had some readers apparently coming from Brasil and the UK, but that's pretty cool! What else? Well, E.G.G no has an official blog, Google + page, and YouTube channel! That's right, now there's even more ways to keep up with your favorite eggheads! I'll be trying to keep up with them all regularly, but make sure you stop by and subscribe or follow or whatever so you never miss new E.G.G content! In fact, I've already posted a trailer for Season 1 of E.G.G! Even if you've been reading since Episode 1, Season 1 ends at Episode 20, so the trailer shows you what more you're in for! So, let me link you up, and you can check out the Season 1 below!

Click here for YouTube Channel

Click here for Blog

Click here for Google+ Page

E.G.G Season 1 Trailer

Okay, now to the Episode 9 Q&A!


This Q&A contains full spoilers for E.G.G Episode 9: Enchanted. If you have not yet read it, please click here to do so now.


While attempting to start her morning, Eileen hit a series of road bumps, including missing her slippers and Josh taking an extra long shower. But when she went in to stop him, she figured out he wasn't there! She and Acacia followed the trail of visually disturbed agents and figured out that Josh had somehow used the teleporter to get to the mystical world of Asgard! After a run in with the Warriors Three and Skurge the Executioner, they found that Josh had been lured to the cave of Amora the Enchantress! Under her spell, Josh attacked Eileen and Acacia, but Eileen snapped him out of it. After going over the morals of right and wrong with the Enchantress, E.G.G made their way back home with a warning from Heimdall, the gatekeeper of Asgard: That if they ever returned to Asgard without permission, he would not hesitate to kill them. And it turned out that Acacia was wearing Acacia's slippers the entire time.

How the Shell did they get to Asgard?

“Where’d he go?” Acacia asked. Eileen turned to her.

“It says he went to Asgard.”

“Well that’s… far. Can our teleporter even get there?” Acacia asked. Eileen shrugged. “Still, we’ve gotta find him. Fire it up!”

“Okay…” Eileen activated the teleporter and she and Acacia stepped through.

They came out on the other end, standing atop the rainbow bridge, the Bifrost Bridge. “Whoa…” Eileen said, looking around.

“I know.” Acacia said, looking around in amazement.

* * *

Wait, what!? How? The only-ish way in and out of Asgard is the Bifrost Bridge! That Heimdall has to open! And he was hanging off the edge of the bridge, so he didn't do it. How did a second rate Mother Egg teleporter transport Josh, Eileen, and Acacia to Asgard! Well, Josh was enchanted, by the Enchantress. And she can do all sorts of magical things. Including, perhaps, I don't know, turning the E.G.G teleporter into a portal to Asgard? So rest easy eggheads, there's a logical explanation behind everything. Plus, you know, Spider-Man 2099 turned it into a time machine in the episode before this so... yeah.

The Warriors Three!

They ran down the Bifrost and entered into the city of Asgard. At the entrance they found the Warriors Three lounging about. Eileen approached them.

“Excuse me?” She called. They turned, and Fandral the Dashing quickly got up to greet them.

“Why hello, fair maidens.” He said, taking Eileen’s hand and kissing it. “What brings two beautiful women such as yourselves to the gates of Asgard?”

“We’re from Earth,” Acacia said.

“Midgard?” Volstagg the Voluminous asked, biting a leg of mutton.

“Yes,” Eileen replied. “We’re looking for our friend. He’s about this tall, dark skin, probably came through not that long ago…”

“You mean that indecent fellow that had his buttocks exposed for all the nine realms to see?” Fandral asked.

“That’d be the one.” Acacia replied.

“He’s probably dead.” Hogun the Grimm replied. Volstagg elbowed him.

“No need to scare the girls Hogun!” He said, biting his mutton. “But, unfortunately, he’s right, your friend is probably dead.”

“Well where is he?” Eileen asked.

“Why, he wandered off into the forest!” Fandral said, pointing towards some trees.

“Told him not to go.” Hogun said. “He chose not to listen.”

“Right, thanks for the info, we’ll be back.” Eileen said, as she and Acacia made their way to the forest.

“Wait! You’ll be killed!” Fandral shouted.

“We’ll be fine.” Eileen said as they entered. Fandral sighed as they left.

“What a waste. Well, plenty more beautiful women where they came from!”

* * *

Fandral the Dashing, Volstagg the Voluminous, and Hogun the Grimm! I thought that having the Warriors Three greet Eileen and Acacia on the way into Asgard was an appropriate move. Heimdall would have thrown them off the bridge to protect the throne, Sif might have engaged them in combat, and Odin, well, he'd be very upset. The Warriors Three are more relaxed, and the only ones I figured wouldn't give Eileen and Acacia any trouble being in Asgard. Especially since they are both very beautiful maidens, and we know how Fandrall feels about beautiful maidens.

The Executioner!

Eileen and Acacia wandered deep into the forest. Suddenly there was a noise. Eileen readied her Widow Stings and Acacia pulled out a Thwip Blaster. Then a man, muscular, towering over both of them, and wielding an ax, rose from the bushes.

“Surrender all hope, ye who enter here.” The man growled. “For now you face Skurge, the Executioner.”

* * *

Going into this knowing that the main villain was the Enchantress, how could I not include the Executioner? He is literally her right hand man, and follows her everywhere she goes, protecting her when she requires. What sucks? He's mad in love with her, but her heart belongs to Thor.

The Enchantress!

“Intruders!” The woman shouted. “You dare enter my domain! You have now incurred the wrath of Amora the Enchantress! Destroy them my slave!”

“As you wish milady!” Josh took up his sword and charged at Eileen and Acacia.

* * *

What would possess the Director of E.G.G to step out of the shower and streak through his own base? Well, maybe if he were under the spell of the alluring Enchantress! She is one of my favorite Thor villains, and I really want to see her in the third movie! But I thought having Josh turn against Eileen and Acacia because he thinks he's in love was a good conflict to have. Plus, I really wanted an Asgardian episode, and E.G.G isn't quite yet ready for the likes of Loki and Surtur. Plus, hearkening back to Episode 3, we find out Josh has a kiss list, and the Enchantress is on it, so how else is that going to happen?


“Help!” All three of them rushed to the edge to see Heimdall, gatekeeper of the Bifrost Bridge, hanging onto it for dear life. They pulled him up, and once on his feet he drew his sword. All of them backed up.

“You two ignored my cries for help earlier!” He said to Eileen and Acacia.

“We thought it was him!” Acacia said, pointing to Josh. “Honest!”

“And you!” Heimdall said, turning to Josh. “You knocked me off to begin with!”

“Bro it’s not even like that,” Josh said. “I was under an enchantment; I wasn’t in control of my actions. But if you held on for that long, you must have some killer upper body…” Heimdall glared at him and he shut up.

“Can you get us back home to Earth?” Eileen asked.

“I will.” Heimdall said. “But be warned. As it is my sworn duty as gatekeeper, should you ever return without my permission, I will not hesitate to kill you.”

* * *

I know: "How did Josh overpower Heimdall! I call BS!" Well, he was under an enchantment. And people do crazy things for love. Including push the Gatekeeper of Asgard off of the Bifrost Bridge. But it's all cool now, except for the fact that Heimdall will kill them if they come back without permission. But it's nothing personal, he's just doing his job!

Next Episode

It's a dark day on Mother Egg. A demon has infiltrated, and the only one who can stop it is the monster known as Ghost Rider. But how does Eileen feel about demons on board, and what role does Acacia play in all this? Find out tomorrow, October 3, in E.G.G Episode 10: Vengeance!

You saw him in the trailer, Ghost Rider in Episode 10! You in?

See results


After you read Episode 10 be sure to leave questions and comments, so we can get an actual Q&A going! All will be answered next Thursday, October 9. So make sure you read Episode 10 tomorrow and let me know what you think!


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