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E.G.G Season 3 Review

Updated on December 19, 2015


This is the Season 3 Review! That means everything is fair game, so spoilers! Spoilers! Spoilers! From anything in E.G.G, which means this is the absolute worst place to be if you're just starting! If this is your first time reading E.G.G, then you should go read Prepare to Hatch: Introduction to E.G.G, and continue on from there. To browse the now massive E.G.G selection, head over to and get started at Episode 1, or re-read some of your favorites! Still here? Good, let's dive in to Season 3!

Click here for E.G.G Episode 60.1: Starting Over


Let's get started with our heroes for this season! And we have a couple of new ones, so this should be fun!


The ever-loving Joshua Westbrook, Director of E.G.G. Or, he was. Josh had quite a season, relinquishing command of his organization, taking on A.I.M, and facing the hands of the Mandarin. He even lost it for a bit, with the whole Director's Revenge incident, but in the end, Josh was always there for his friends. Even when faced with the betrayal of Maya Hansen and pitted against a new team of villains, he remained strong. The question is, where does he go from here? And what does he have planned for the rest of the Mandarin's rings?


Eileen Wuthrich, the new Director of E.G.G! This was a big season for Eileen, as she figured out she was a mutant, got a new boyfriend, and stepped up to the biggest position of her life. Eileen arguably had the biggest arcs, you could say this was her season. She was kidnapped twice, by the Inner Circle and A.I.M, each with their own agendas. But she always triumphed, and did good no matter what, as Eileen and Lightstream. She's told Acacia and James that she's secretly a hero, but they also watched her transform into one of E.G.G's worst villains! Will she take the Extremis and become a hero again? Or has Darkstream taken her will, making her just Director Wuthrich?


Well, Acacia played more of low key role this season, but nonetheless, had one big emotional moment. Harry Osborn, the love of her life, left her to join the Masters of Doom. That was a low blow, even for an Osborn. It of course led to Eileen revealing her identity as Lightstream, but it still hurt. Luckily, Acacia always has Celeste by her side.


The bounty hunter from 2099. James only came back in time to hunt down Spider-Man 2099. But when Eileen found him in the park, his life changed forever. Though he may have started as a bad guy, James was never really a 'bad' guy, and as we figure out, there was a noble reason for his bounty hunting. He certainly didn't anticipate on joining E.G.G, or falling in love with Eileen, but in doing so, he now has a new outlook on life, and a new time to live in. And in the end, his change of heart helped to cure Eileen of Darkstream, forever. Now that they've started over, what does the future hold in store for their relationship? Time will tell.


E.G.G's valiant AI, while not on every mission with them and mostly babysitting Celeste, had one notable heroic moment this season: Jocasta v.s Technovore! When Maya unleashed the Technovore on A.I.M base, it almost destroyed them from the inside. Had Jocasta not stopped it, there's no telling what kind of damage it could have done! Jocasta almost destroyed herself, but luckily Celeste's love was able to bring her back from the brink, and more importantly stop Jocasta from re-uploading Ultron. Because that would be bad. Really, really bad.

Agent Rice/Squirrel Girl

Agent Rice's mission was to spy on and kill Eileen if she lost control of her powers (as we discovered last season). However, Rice did much more than that. He mounted a rescue mission when the team was kidnapped by A.I.M and put the X-Men on the Inner Circle! And all with the help of his trusty unbeatable sidekick, Squirrel Girl! Face it, this is the best buddy cop team up Rush Hour!

Top 5

Time again to run down the top 5 moments of this season! Let's jump in!

5. Maya Hansen is Evil!

Okay, so pretty much every Marvel fan could (hopefully) have figured out that Maya was indeed the Maya Hansen, creator of Extremis, before the big reveal, but even so, after going out for nearly the entire season, she flat stabbed Josh in the back when she kidnapped E.G.G and incited E.G.G v.s A.I.M! It was a bit heartbreaking to watch Josh beat himself up over it, but even more so when she realized what she was doing was wrong and sacrificed her own life to save Josh, putting an end to her story once and for all.

4. X-Men

I have to say, the 50th Episode Spectacular was one of my favorite to write. Not only was in all non-stop, heart pounding action, but a whole fight scene with the X-Men, Inner Circle, E.G.G, and Sentinels? It was the best, and the X-Men are some of the greatest heroes in the Marvel Universe, so I was proud to have them in E.G.G!

3. Darkstream Returns

Okay, who else crapped their pants when Darkstream came back? Knowing what happened in Episode 40, and with Spider-Man 2099 dragged back to the future (haha) by James, there was no telling what would happen! Luckily, with the help of the Wolfpack, Darkstream was stalled long enough for James and Spider-Man 2099 to return and stop her before another Dark Day occured.

2. The Masters of Doom

Julian is Josh's old friend turned enemy, and not only did we finally get their history in Episode 44, but Julian became the new super villain, Scramble, and assembled some of E.G.G's worst foes, Gravity Master, Gyro Man, and Ailemara, to stop them. Along with almost destroying E.G.G and taking Harry from Acacia, the Masters of Doom have allied themselves with Norman Osborn, who has vowed to improve the team, which is no good for E.G.G.

1. Eileen Wuthrich: Director of E.G.G

I still think that the number one moment of Season 3 is Josh handing over the mantle to Eileen. Since Episode 1 Josh has been in charge, but the table flipped in this season, and they stayed flipped! Will Josh be Director again? Who knows, but let's give a warm welcome to Eileen! Hope she survives the experience!

Season 4

Alright guys, I know you're stoked for Season 4, as am I. I can promise you some big things are going down! Like what you ask? New villains, bigger battles, more cameos, outer space, awesome arcs... Let me just drop some teases:


Agent Coulson

Armor Wars


E.G.G Noir

Silver Samurai




That's right! E.G.G's worst foes are getting their very own series! It's all about the bad guys doing what they do best: Being bad! So one other thing, with the addition of the Masters of Doom, I'll be stopping the Q&A sessions. None of you guys left questions anyways, so don't be so upset about it! I'll also do more fun and extra stuff, so keep you eyes open! E.G.G Season 4 is all-new, and all different!

See you in 2016!

So, stay tuned! E.G.G comes back in January! And Masters of Doom begins! To keep up on all the latest, follow E.G.G on social media, and keep checking for update! See you next year, and Happy Holidays!

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