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Echoes From The Dead: A Book Review

Updated on February 15, 2011

Echoes From The Dead is the first book by Johan Theorin. It is a mystery that takes place in Sweden, and over time

It concerns the disappearance of Jens Davidsson. He walked into the fog and wasn’t seen again. It has been at the center of his mother, Julia’s, life since. Twenty years later her father receives a sandal that Jens was wearing when he disappeared. Julia returns to the island in an effort to find what happened to Jens, and whether he’s alive or dead.

The story is in parallel plots. One is of a native of the island that was dead before Jens went missing. The other is the story of Julia and her father’s search for Jens. The plot is twisted with many turns and surprises. It is easy to follow, but hard to solve the puzzle.

It is also the story of Julia’s guilt and fixation to find what happened to Jens. It has taken control of her life and has influenced her work and mind. She has become a borderline alcoholic. The only release is to find out what happened to her son.

This is the first book by Johan Theorin. It is written like someone with much more experience. It’s well worth the time to read.


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