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10 Effortless Reasons You Should Start Writing

Updated on May 17, 2022
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Fernando is a millennial university student who writes real articles for real people.

You are a writer. Don't think so? You just haven’t figured that out yet.

Writing isn’t a difficult art – an activity only for the elite. It’s a lucrative hobby for just about anyone.

If you have a story to tell, you can write. Don't believe me?

Here, let me give you the reasons as to why you should start writing – easy, right?

1. You Don’t Need to be Talented

You don’t need to be extremely educated or talented to start. Nor do you have to have specific characteristics when you were born.

Talent doesn’t make a writer good. But a good writer makes for good talent. It’s an important distinction.

With that said, sometimes all you need is knowledge. If you’re knowledgeable about a specific topic, I could argue that’s your best qualification for becoming a writer.

2. You Don’t Need an Education

Getting a degree in English is great – however, not everyone decides they want to become a writer. Some, for example, may figure later down the road they want to become a writer.

Not everyone in this earth has their lives figured out. So, with that said, you don’t need a degree to get started.

All you need is a the determination to put in the work.

3. All it Takes is Some Effort

As soon as you have the determination to start working on a project, whether a blog post, a novel, or an article, it’s time to put some effort.

Writing takes a little bit of effort in the beginning. After that, you ride the snowball effect.

4. An Idea Starts the Thing

If you have a great idea for a blog post or an article, that’s more than enough to get started with.

The hardest part of writing is knowing what to write about. If you’ve gotten far enough to have the idea down, dig a little deeper and find the absolute boundaries of the idea.

A well-thought-out idea could just make your product a great read.

5. The Writing Structure is Simple

Verse 1, chorus – verse 2, chorus – sound familiar? Even music has structure. And, if you give a little thought into how music is written, you’d notice a pattern!

Writing is close to the same process: there is structure involved. Best yet, it’s not difficult to keep a well-structured article. And when you structure an article just right, you can ride out the waves and continue producing awesome content!

Structure is a win-win. It’s awesome. So, if this part is the scariest for you when it comes to writing, I challenge you to write anyways!

6. It Pays a Bit

As adults we are hammered with the idea of investments. But, for a lot of us, less than 1% interest doesn’t sound too appealing.

How about the lower-class folks that enjoy (or not) collecting cans and plastic bottles to recycle? It pays, but you still must put in the work.

Check this out: sometimes an article can generate at least 5 cents a day. If you’re an excellent content creator, and you write good stuff for good people like you and I, you could be making more per day through an accumulation of awesome articles and content.

Would you rather pick up cans and/or rely on horrible interest – or would you rather put in a little work and get more for just sitting around? I’d choose the latter!

It might not be much, but I have the confidence of knowing I’m recycling a few cans a day – without the actual work.

7. Your Type is an Article Type

Angry people love aggression. Sensitive people like sensation. Some people use words as a weapon. Others, to enlighten and portray.

Regardless of what type of writer you are, there is room for you in this industry.

8. It Compliments Who You Are

If you’re like me, you see yourself writing content on what interests you.

Writing is a good way to get to know yourself.

Reading your own craft demonstrates the type of person you are – analytical, loving, caring – and transforms that character into an organized piece. And when it comes to a finished product, it’s a great demonstration as to what you stand for and what you can achieve and become.

Most importantly, it helps define you.

9. Share to the World

Why do we write? Do we write because we are experts in our given field? Do we write because we have something of value to share to the world?

We write because knowledge is power – and, as a result, words have power. Your very own words hold the power to change someone’s life.

We write because we can make a difference – one word at a time.

If you have a story to tell, or if you feel you have a word in a certain subject and/or topic, you should write.

10. You Should Write Articles

It’s a common misconception that writing is an activity only for the elites.

You’re a writer. You truly are. You just haven’t figured that part out yet. And that’s perfectly fine – after all, a lot of us don’t figure it out until later on in our lives.

Through maturity and self-understanding, you will eventually realize you’re a writer.

And if you aren’t – that’s fine too. You can get there. t.

Writing isn’t a difficult art – an activity only for the elite. It’s a hobby that can change your life – as well as the lives of others.

If you have a story to tell, you can write. When you do start telling a story, I’d like to know.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2019 Ferny Vise


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