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Endless Time

Updated on October 18, 2020

Your thinking now waiting, debating, creating

what was and what is now and what shall be

a never ending loop a continuous circle of bliss unhappiness and distress

your words verbs proverbs strung together through the seasons there is a reason

the conception and deception and manipulation of this place these people the race

how could you face or trace the lies inside too much pride to realize

that the hope and faith is there in the air everywhere

we have to grab ahold think that negative thoughts are untold and behold

the glory from within no matter the sin we can arise again

now without the knowledge and faith we aren't able to erase the destiny of the past

glorious moments wont ever last where are we now are we sold are we not to behold

unfold gloat and reload take in the sun run never speak but do what must be done

the tears my eyes they cry for pity's sake to try to give but never take

what of tradition and religion do we put that aside don't believe in the pride

take a different road a different ride to be ourselves to be true to do the things

we want to do so filled with grief there's no relief always pain no restrain too many

people trying to gain ahold of the reins instead of looking for peace no more grief

more relief why can't we reunite fight for this place time and human kind

but no we can't we are bitter too bigheaded thinking we know better too much knowledge

of what was not thinking of what could be but worried about too much of what is now

my head hurts i'm not a one woman army i cant disarm thee trying not to think of how

to harm thee but your thinking now of how you can come up without getting done up

even if that means kill steal never feel of how you are hurting another someone

you once called brother from another mother thought to look out for each other

its crazy how times change people rearrange speak slang and never remember

the promise that they would remain the same the world is evolving more problems

needing solving the problems revolving never completely going away why dont

they stay go a different way never to come back again maybe its cause its human

nature to want to need to greed to feed and to never release bad intentions of the

past and to never let go of that sin they strive to win to get revenge when they

think pain is due its like recycling even though we are declining and no one

will ever be left to dwell in jail we let swell our pride to get to high even though

a few tried to let the pride die and to view the perspectives of society from

another society so thats why i remain waiting, debating, creating, about what

was what is now and what shall be a never ending loop a continuous circle

of bliss unhappiness and distress

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2013 torrilynn


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