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Vocabulary Through Limericks

Updated on October 7, 2012

3. A monkey went into fantod

When instead of a banana he got a rod

And started jumping from tree to tree

That all creatures trembled to the knee

As though the forest had become the kingdom of Herod.

4. When it's time to pay the tithe

Believers almost always writhe

It's a shame the church hides from so many

That God doesn't need their penny

But their devotion and faith only.

My vocabulary, admittedly, is just about average. So last year I decided to build myself a blog to help me fill my half-full vocabulary glass with some more words that I am not familiar with. So far I am doing well.

And here are 6 sample words, presented through limericks, that were not at all part of my vocabulary before. Hope you enjoy reading them!

1. If everyone was jocose

And no one was morose

Being a clown would be tough

The world would be so rough

That he would live in remorse.

2. A man with acedia

Who lived in Arcadia

Said all y'er prayers to the Lord

Ain't gonna fetch no reward

For them was mere echolalia.

5. In sylvan green

All beauty is seen

As Nature comes to life

And there is no more strife

Only leaf and flower, and joy in-between.

6. A woman little and zaftig

Came to a town very big

Where she got a warm welcome

For she was very winsome

And was crowned with laurel twig.

Care to share the meaning of the highlighted words?

Looking for some more limericks? Why not own one of these?


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