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Environmental Manipulation

Updated on August 29, 2011

Dear construction there amy way you can help our environment...deliver our trees and plants from deaths grips,
I have pleaded and pleaded and still the trees fall by the forest I'm sorry about your losses,
The investing witness to environmental disasters on every level...ecosystem survival relies on that dead branch in the forest,
Wait it's already gone...faded away from times eventual deletions...further and further away from life it flees.

You trees mean that your not going to give us oxygen...maybe adapt to a different element...don't do that we need you,
The humans of this planet don't really want to hurt your delicate system we swear...pitiful counts of environmental manipulations,
The junk drawer is full...your companies are using chainsaws and shovels to dismantle your cause,
Pull the reigns on those bonitos merry men of empire expanding demolitions.

The houses are here...the skyscrapers are limits expanding ever more to disrupt the human name,
Have you no Sargon masters of modern marine life sword know that nature will always win,
But please remember we need your help Gaia...your natural flow of life worth giving...the calm sunsets and sunrises,
Pull us from our greedy ways...we need not devour more than we can chew...our greed stricken teeth dwindling like grains on molars.

I partake much of my words to justify the need from ecosystem human should feel to take economics over green effect housing,
Amber and gold...elemental control...we want to find the want in our need for expansion...survival of the natural fit,
Let us motion for a better more environmental manipulation in the wake of natural disaster...Hiroshima disaster shows no mercy,
Gaia help the world realize the natural factor placed on this world...our jubilations need to see the light of day...not the darkness of houses galore...environmental protection is in dire straits...please believe.


are you doing your part for the enviroment?

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