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Episodes - Days of My Life

Updated on February 1, 2015

My Story

Carolina | Source

Waking up

I woke up as my alarm clock was buzzing. I did have a deep good sleep stretching my arms and body as i made a sigh, took a deep breath. My mind commanded me to stand up as i looked into my watch on the bedside table.

The Afternnoon and The Weather

It was 15:00 p.m as i opened the window blinds. Outside was so windy with heavy snow falls. The clouds were gray and black as the rain with snow drops covering the grounds. What a missy cold weather!!

Still in Bed

I was lying again in my bed, i felt half awake recalling the freezy cold morning as i finished my night duty catching the bus to the train station and rode me home. About 10 minutes i walked through the city center, passed by some appartment blocks, crossing the main street to the narrow road to my way home. I was glad to be at home, i felt the warmth of my home sweet home, comforting me as i sat down to relax and took a hot milk chocolate drink and ate a liitle portion of cornflakes.

Thinking About The Cold Weather

My cheeks were red and tight from the Siberian front cold weather, an unusual mass of cold winds penetrating my skin.

I haven’t experienced this kind of weather before, an extreme cold winter with minus 10 - 11 degress day time and up to minus 30 degrees at night. Almost whole Europe had suffered from this terrible freezing temperature that caused lots of death, Chaos on the streets and delays of private and public transportation, freezing and brooken water and gas pipes, isolating other areas blocked by snow slides and heavy non stop snow falls.

Before Going to Sleep

I was reading on the headlines of the newspaper and after a while i was so sleepy and terribly tired.

I went to the washroom, cleaned my face and put my anti-aging facial and eye cream, brush my teeth, put on my pyjama and went to bed. I felt my warm soft pillow and blanket that i immediately fall asleep.


I tried to make some bed exercises to keep me awake and active for about 15 minutes and i was ready to stand up.

I went to the kitchen, took a cup of coffee. I only had some toast bread, so i put two sliced pieces on the toaster. I love the taste of braun toasted bread with some butter and strawberry marmalade. Another cup of espresso coffee made me fully awake.

At Home With Benda

I was alone in the house aside from Benda, my beautiful loving dog. She greeted me and welcomed me as i woke up. How she loves to cuddle and was so happy i was awake. She asked me to open the door of the terrasse so she could spend some time in the garden.

Time for Spa and Wellness

My son was still at school and i had more than an hour to take a bath and made me fresh.

I washed my face and put my facial peeling and mask. I opened the warm and cold faucet as the water filling the bathtub.

My face was covered with the mask of gray beige color aside from the parts around my eyes and lips.

The Girl Behind The Mask

I looked into the mirror, saw my eyes and imagined another face behind the mask, i saw a beautiful young fresh face without wrinkles, with a soft, fine and gentle skin.

The girl i saw in the mirror behind the mask was me…as i was still young.

Lying On The Bathtub

The bathtub was half filled with warm water as i stepped inside and laid my naked body on the tub feeling the comfort of the warm water penerating my skin. I poured some melisse bath oil, making a white foam covering the surface of the water. The smell of the bath oil was so relaxing as i gently rub all parts of my body with a bath sponge.

For a while i closed my eyes, enjoyed the relaxing bath. In my mind, i was again thinking of the past. The sweet unforgetable episodes of my childhood life.

My Childhood With My Family

I could never forget the moments when my father came home early at night after conducting on our private passenger bus transportation business.

He brought home some big cartoons filled with apple, oranges, lanzones, pineapple etc..The drivers carrying the cartoons on their shoulder.

It was always a great moment for me as we ate our dinner together in our big round dining table, my parents, my three brothers and four sisters. Everybody talked about each day experienced and continued the rest of the night together in the living room eating some delicious fruits.

My Nanny

I remembered how my nanny comb my long hair and made a ponytail. It was the moment i could keep in my mind maybe because i used to feel how she put up my hair so tight and made one or two ponytails. Though she was so kind and loving nanny.

When I Was A Little Girl

Recalling about myself as a little girl. I could only remember the beautiful happy moments with my Mom, my Dad, my sisters, family and friends

I had a very happy childhood life. I was loved, i felt secured, safe, nourished, guided, brought up to be a good girl.

I used to play with my sister, she's one year old older than me. and other girls and boys in the neighborhood. I grew up with my sister and spent most of the time together, go to school together, in the same classes from elementary to high school.

We were always playing outside the house, in our garden or in our neighbors backyard and surroundings. We don't have a television at that time, so we read fairy tales or played outside.

I only had one doll, big as i am and i was so happy playing with her...hugging and talking with her.

My sister, friends and i enjoyed playing with nature. We played with fantasy and creation like cooking leaves and flowers...we were allowed to make fire in the garden with little woods we collected from the surrounding trees and dried palm leaves and coconut sheels. My Mom bought us a cooking play set and eating utensils. We made oil from the juice of the flower, we cooked rice and corn etc.

We made used of our free time creatively after doing the school homeworks. We played hide and seek, played our native games, heared music, we danced and sang our favorite songs. We also joined the protestant child gathering once a week where we played lots of games together with other children, we did singing, study the bible and did lots of other activities. Though my family is roman catholic, we were allowed to join the protestant children club which had not a lot of difference pertaining to bibles studies and mass system.

My sister and i had a very close connection and i was glad having her not only as a sister but also as a very close friend crying, laughing and quarelling with each other.

My Mom used to cooked our favorite food, brought us anywhere going to the market, shopping or in any other occasions. My Dad is a loving uncomplicated person.

How i miss my childhood life...when i was so innocent, growing and learning what life problems to think about...all was about to be happy and enjoy what life has to offer in every moment, everyday.

I miss my mother, her love, cuddling in her arms as she caress my hair, telling a fairy tale, as she kissed my forehead, as i fall asleep.

My Grandmother and My Grandfather

Another episode was when i and my sister used to visit our grandparents. Their house was just a few kilometers from our house. Grandma used to cook our favorite meals and we ate as much as we could until having a filled stomach. I love to stay for a while in their covered veranda sitting on the wooden rockig chair.

My Mother

I thought about how my mother prepared our complete breakfast before going to school. Our school uniform was ready as she woke us up to take a shower and got into our school dress. She used to prepare a delicious breakfast like fried rice, fried fish, scrambled egg, fresh bread, chorizo, fruits etc.

We used to attend the early mass on Sundays and spent the rest of the day in the beach or hiking in our farm lands or fish pond, together with the whole family.

The times on our college days. As we departed our hometown by ship to the other island. I remembered how my mother prepared our loggage, she used to packed some delicious meals to eat for our trip and she was nervous afraid of being late to go aboard the ship. As i saw her lonely face as we were about to depart.

On vacation days, wenn we came home, my mother was so happy, looking through her smiling eyes and face as she hugged us from joy.

She used to cooked our favorite meals, prepared for our hiking activities to the fish pond, eating fresh grill fish and shrimps, hiking to our farm lands, eating fresh coconut meat, drinking the fresh cold coconut juice, and ate grilled chicken with rice, fresh vegetables and fruits from the farm.

My Father

He is a good husband and a loving father. He did his good job and i love the times being together with him, with my mother and the whole family.

These were some of my life's episodes i can’t forget. The longing to experience them back again but no longer with our loving mother, not hearing her laughter of joy with her whole family.

The next time i will be with our father and the whole family on my next coming home.

My Day Has Just Begun

I opened my eyes, living my sweet memories behind.

My day has just begun

I stepped out from the bathtub

Dried me up

Rubbed some body cream all over my body

Rubbed some cream on my face with my fingers

I switched on the hair dryer and dried my long hair

I dressed up and i was ready for another day....


Try to visit this hub again for i will spontaneously add more episodes you may enjoy to read.


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    • carolp profile image

      Carolina 6 years ago from Switzerland

      Thank you Angie. Hope to have more time to write soon.

      Best regards.

    • angie ashbourne profile image

      angie ashbourne 6 years ago

      Hi! carolp Very interesting story, waiting for the next episode. Vote - up Angie

    • carolp profile image

      Carolina 6 years ago from Switzerland

      Thanks writer20. I guess i have lots of episodes to write.


    • writer20 profile image

      Joyce Haragsim 6 years ago from Southern Nevada

      This is a very interesting story of your life. Waiting for the next episode.