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Escalator Etiquette 101

Updated on September 9, 2013
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Jeannie has been writing online for over 10 years. She covers a wide variety of topics—hobbies, opinions, dating advice, and more!

The Escalator is Your Friend

It's another exciting day at the mall. Maybe you are doing a little shopping or you are hanging out with friends. You need to go down to the next level. What do you do? You could take the stairs, but who'd want to use those? You could take the elevator if you can find one. You'd better use the escalator.

First, please remember, the escalator is your friend. You put both feet on one step and it takes you to the next level. It can achieve this task in a very short period of time. Escalators are really helpful. Embrace it!

A Very Simple Concept

The down escalator goes down.  The up escalator goes up.  I am not going to repeat myself on this one.  I shouldn't have to even say this the first time, but according to what I've seen, I guess I do.  I am not going to spend anymore time on this topic.

Look Before You Leap

I know sometimes we all get excited and want to run on the escalator.  Sure, you are just coasting along, but you want to get to Dairy Queen to get that new Blizzard as soon as possible.  Haven't we all been there?  You need to just calm down and wait.  If there are people in front of you, no one wants to be knocked over as you run down the escalator.  That is rude and dangerous.  Maybe you work at the mall and you are running late.  I know how that is.  Yet still, you cannot just knock people over to run down the escalator.  What if you bump into a future customer?  Do you think that person is going to be pleasant to you when he or she walks through the door at your store after you've just elbowed them on the escalator?  Probably not. 

Control Your Kids

I know I am about to enter into a touchy subject here: children. No one wants to be told how to take care of their children, yet, apparently many people need to be told just this. Trust me when I say the escalator can be dangerous for kids. You don't want little Johnny jumping all over the place and getting his shoe caught, do you? I've seen it happen. It's not pretty. You need to teach a child to stand correctly on the escalator.

Since we are on the topic of children, if you have a baby and that baby is in a stroller - DO NOT USE THE ESCALATOR!!! What is wrong with you? Do you want me to call child protective services? Look for the elevator and use it! It is so unsafe to use a stroller on the escalator, which is why there are so many signs around every escalator saying, "No strollers." It is very easy to slip and let go of the stroller. If the baby is in the stroller, bye bye baby. Something tells me you don't want that. Taking your baby out of the stroller first is a little better, but you could still easier let go of the stroller and once it starts rolling, look out. The only thing worse than a person knocking you out the way on an escalator is an inanimate object. Strollers are simply unsafe on an escalator. I know it must be a nuisance looking for an elevator everytime, but think of all the other annoying aspects of parenthood and that is probably the least of your problems.

Keep it Safe

The most important lesson in riding the escalator is getting off the escalator. You need a great finish, right? Please remember that just because you step off the escalator and you are no longer moving, does not mean the escalator is no longer moving. There are other people on the escalator. When you step off, kindly move along your way. You see, if you get off and stand there, I am going to run into you because I need space to step off the escalator, as well. You see how that works?  Just remember to keep it moving and we can all be safe and happy riding the escalator.

I hope this has been another helpful etiquette lesson for you. Probably not, but if you just sat and read this whole hub, it must not have been too bad. See you next time!


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