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Ether's Ecstasy

Updated on November 18, 2012

Release, this ecstasy,

from ether’s torrent I write.

From these undulations

I dare attempt no flight.

Obligingly, I heed her call;

diminishingly, I wait this fall.

Confused in awe amidst,

alive within this place;

when forced in toil without,

a world bereft of grace.

Fervently, I wait her call;

unquestionably, I choose this fall.

Abysses to behold,

profound their depths can be.

Mountains of great height

offer giddy climbs of glee.

Expectantly, I need her call;

irregrettably, this is my downfall.

No dreary, traveled road;

no dull terrain, my plea;

careening through thin air,

in free fall can I see.

Unfailingly, I take her call;

irrepressibly, I live for this fall.


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