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Eventually a Description

Updated on January 31, 2015

Time turns a burning tale,

Whimsical musings remove the veil.

A torn and twisted fairy tail,

Ripped asunder, tis fickle and frail.

Lost among the drifting snow,

What was above is now below.

Fame to frost, Wealth to loss,

All knowledge now fire,

On life’s funeral pyre.

If bellows burn and bushes follow,

Rebirths reserved for the unhallowed.

Spirits rise to greet her womb,

Tho worms invited in our tombs.

A life of love is death’s delight,

My secrets whispered through candlelight.

When cycles spin, round and round,

Spokes are broken, the wheel unbound.

Our bowers build upon the dead

Sacred blood on which we tread.

The vast expanse we mortals make,

A deadly dish to tempt the fates.

One day amidst the stars will swim,

The glowing fish, for our whims.

When water above and water below

Accept mutation that we grow.

Symbiosis, death and restriction!

For parasitic creatures doomed to extinction.

Yet this can be avoided! In space, through time,

For neutrons expand. Within stability, the mind.


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