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Excuses, Excuses...Or Why I Haven't Published Lately

Updated on July 24, 2012
decorating cupcakes
decorating cupcakes
The Great Fishing Trip and Catch of the Day by teh 6 year old
The Great Fishing Trip and Catch of the Day by teh 6 year old
Feeding fish at the trout hatchery
Feeding fish at the trout hatchery

Sometimes things change, causing me to stop writing altogether at one point several years ago, and then recently causing me to start again.

Though that is exactly what this whole thing is about, starting over as designated by statement on my profile. While I have a half dozen other blogs/stories written, you may not see them soon as for some reason they seem untimely. So it best seemed to catch up with a few short blips about the past two months, some serious and some not so much – from conspiracy theories and drones, to cupcakes and grandkids and just some plain old dirt. Here we go.

I started writing again last summer and fall, struggling for a few minutes at lunch everyday. I set up a plan to start over with a blog, just to put whatever I wanted out and send to friends, kind of like I used to do in high school back in the days of paper. When my career took another path it was time to start as I had a few things written. Now that my career path is going another direction I have less time, but will still be here.

Once I knew where things were heading career wise, it became sort of a vacation, mostly with my granddaughters, who turned 3 and 6 over the last two months.

Teaching the younger granddaughter to fish was high on the list after taking the older one on our annual outing, her younger sister is now almost three and ready to start too. After practicing with the plastic “gooey fish” in the yard, she was eager and ready.

About three weeks ago the three of us headed to St. James, Missouri where there is a trout park we visit. Being Ashley’s first time, her sister prepared her about the fun of feeding the fish at the hatchery, the picnic we would have and “Great Yellow”, the albino trout she comes to find.

Fishing was great and my fears of the little one jumping into the water were unfounded, she was happy to sit on the rocks where I told her to sit and drop her line and reel it back in – fishing 101 for the soon to be three-year old. The oldest one managed to catch another stick, but is baiting her own hook and casting better than most of the boys down there now.
Later we found “Great Yellow” and the girls fed him food from the feeders and then we had a picnic lunch and ran around some. We learned that September 8 is free fishing for girls’ day at the Missouri Trout Parks, and were determined to come back.

On the way home traveling Highway 44 back to St. Louis, a passed a rest stop near Sullivan, Mo where I saw a flatbed parked in the corner by two SUV’s with what looked like a small UFO with three wheels on back of the flatbed and covered in a tan tarp. I really didn’t think much of it, my first thought was UFO, but with wheels, but that was ridiculous and I was thinking about it being some kind of large swimming pool or tub when the girls disturbed my train of thoughts.

It wasn’t until the weekend when I saw the news about a UFO seen on the back of a flatbed truck near Washington D.C., when I realized what I had seen. News reports were showing a picture of a “UFO” on a flatbed near the nations’ capitol. It was not really a UFO, of course, but one of those drones that will soon be flying over us. The picture in the media was taken on a Friday I believe, and the military said it was going to Maryland or testing.

I am not sure of the timing, if the one I saw was the same, as it was heading east, or if the government has these and are now moving them into positions. I believe we are witnessing the final stage to deployment, if they were ready, we wouldn’t have seen it on a flatbed truck.

But a few weeks ago some college kids from the University of Texas at Austin made news by hacking into commercial drones with about $1000 in software. Military drones are encrypted, and the college kids used conventional software – and paid for it at that. It just goes to show the vulnerabilities, as real hackers wouldn’t buy $1000 worth of software as there are places to go get software for hacking for free, and it just takes more time and better software to hack encrypted codes.

Bees were another thing that came up recently. My youngest granddaughter is fascinated by them, she “talked “ to one, and is convinced she will get stung when she gets older. My science magazines have been reporting new findings of a parasite being largely responsible for the Colony Collapse Disorder.

Some friends were still talking about pesticides killing bats and bees. While they surely do not have any good effects, they are not the problem with those two animals’ issues. Media tends to be several months behind the major scientific journals, and unlike myself, most people don’t read them. So I informed them of the findings and where to go.

Now we face a heat wave and drought. I am close to declaring war on birds and squirrels who are ravaging my garden. I thought I was helping all when I put water out for them, but it has only drawn larger crowds, who all seem to end up at my garden. Tomatoes start to get red and then they are gone. Now they are taking them before they start turning red.

After little, careless thought and speculation I have decided it is time to run a large network of garden hoses from the Great Lakes to the drought stricken areas. Run the hoses on the telephone pole and power lines (water and electricity go together – right) and put sprinkler heads on them or drip lines and water the affected areas. Who cares of we drain the lakes, at least the Chinese aren’t buying up the water – right?

Maybe the heat is starting to get to me, it seems to have done it for the bugs. After the warm and wet spring it was predicted to be a bad season for bugs- the bugs are not that bad. Surely the lack of rain and high heat has done them in. Most of the insect pests we despise have short life spans and have not been able to develop in numbers with the drought. In St. Louis, we are breaking records going back to the dust bowl. SToday we broke the record for most days above 105 degrees, and we are only halfway through summer.

I spent some time baking with my granddaughters, cupcakes. The older one helped me bake them while the younger one took a nap. I iced the cupcakes and they decorated them with a variety of sprinkles and little sugar shapes. The youngest one again made it interesting, dumping a large, full bottle of yellow sugar crystals onto one cupcake.
You have to love kids.

And then the reports on what is inside us from new studies showing that sugary, processed foods may not be the cause for our rise in diabetes and obesity. It may be linked to antibiotics killing the good organisms in our gut, as well as the bad. It so happens that some of these organisms work to control our needs for sugar and calories.

Simply put, bacterial cells outnumber human cells 10 or more to 1 in your body. When we hand out antibiotics for ear infections for kids and everything else…we kill unintended bacterial targets in our body. It seems that our lack of exposure to germs harms us too, depleting the bacterial resources which researchers are now learning how vital they are to our lives and functioning. This is also suspected as being the cause for rises in asthma, Crohn’s disease, diabetes and others.

The studies are new and I have not finished perusing the June issue of Scientific America in which they appear. But in one of the articles they mention geophagia – eating dirt – and how there are many beneficial effects and introduces us to many helpful organisms and certain clays serve as detoxifiers.

Wake up New York City and others, it probably isn’t the food causing the problems, it may be our supposed advances in science again that have sterilized us a little bit too well maybe. More on this to come.

I also took them to the zoo and spent time being a horse for them in our two weeks of fun.

Yes, the past couple of months have been mostly about the girls, and starting over.

So this will continue, I still have haiku’s about the Super Moon I didn’t publish yet, as well as those other “untimely goodies”, which will find their time soon enough. And in the two days I have spent with this, I have started two new ones…..of which one of the topics is somewhat foreshadowed here.

So there you have my excuses, they are what they are…excuses. I could have sat down several times and quickly edited something and published during this time, but had an excuse.

We love excuses it seems, and I am no different. I often seen lists for best excuses for this or that, as a manager have heard some good ones myself. I have said, but not often - as I know there are exceptions, that excuses are not acceptable. But we all have them, politicians, CEO’s, doctors, lawyers, you, I and everyone else.

I won’t add anymore. I have no excuse for not publishing anything in the past two months. I have just been playing.


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    • Dan W Miller profile image

      Dan W Miller 4 years ago from the beaches of Southern California now living in Phoenix since 2000

      A good father prioritizes. "Playing" is a very important part of a father's legacy! Well done, good job in the life of important people - your children. And bravo on another hub! Your children will be proud of this too when you're long gone!

    • Irob profile image

      Irob 5 years ago from St. Charles

      Pollyannalana - thanks for the read. You are right, my time is the most valuable thing.

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 5 years ago from US

      Congratulations, it took me a very long time to learn to take vacations from here and it is indeed a necessary thing. We seem to think a lot alike.

      Adorable little granddaughters. I had two like that and lost one in a tragic accident. Good idea making up hubs ahead. Life is certainly about more things than Hp, even if it is nice to come back and say hi to friends....