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Exploring HubPages

Updated on June 4, 2018

Discovery of the Site

Because of my constant presence online trying to discover sites which could give me an additional source of earning, I could from time to time came across this great site, HubPages and had wished that I could be able to write for the site. I could not refrain myself from admiring the beautiful layout and the quality of articles coming from this site.

My limited experience and knowledge in the field of writing created some doubts which caused the delay in my plan of joining the site. I thought that this site was designed for professional writers and I was not confident that my articles would be accepted.

I know that I need to hone my writing skill before I start to write for Hub Pages to make sure that I wouldn't be rejected once I applied. I started writing for some forums and some of those were gone nowhere while the other had stopped paying its members for some unknown reason. I also wrote for another site but the site experienced some problems and decided to go offline for some time. It has made a comeback but I wasn’t able to resume writing because the site becomes very difficult for to me comprehend. There were also other writing sites that I signed up with but I was not active.

I also signed up with Bubblews more than a year ago but began writing just recently. I can say that my experience with the site is also something to be happy about although they do not require a full article since they are accepting a post with minimum characters. It was a good experience writing for the site if not of the common complaints being raised against them by the members.


Finally Made a Decision

Still unsure if I could really make it, I tried to create an account for the site which was immediately approved by the admin. I must admit that creating a full length article is something that is difficult for me to achieve but I gave it a try. I wrote my first hub and submitted it 3 months ago.

Unfortunately, my first submitted hub was declined because it does not meet the standards set forth by the site. The rejection of my first hub caused disappointment but was not enough reason for me to give up. I tried to make another hub which was lucky to be approved and featured.

The approval of my second hub made me feel proud and I decided to make a thorough research on a particular topic before writing for a new one.

Obstacles in Writing

Time constraint could probably the most accepted reason for the slow pace of my writing career but as I am determined in reaching my goals, I would always see to it that I find time for my online activities. There maybe times that my offline job becomes so demanding that I could not find enough time for my online job. However, this reason is just one of the impediments which can be addressed upon so long that we are willing to learn and be successful. I am really trying my best to improve myself in terms of the quality of work. I also do frequent research for other opportunities that can help me in achieving my online goals.

My Question for you

How long have you been with Hub Pages?

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I am thankful HubPages for the opportunity given to me to become part of their writing team. Similarly, I am expressing my gratitude and appreciation for the other members who are supportive by giving feedback and encouragement for the improvement of my work.

I would likewise, willing to receive feedback especially those who have been working on the site for years. You are all my inspiration and I am looking forward to the day that I would tell myself that I am also a great writer.

Perhaps, I need more time as I know that we can not achieve success in one sitting. It requires patience, practice, perseverance, dedication, and love for work.

Staying Positive and Hopeful

Problems may come our way as we tried to reach our goals. But a person who does not look into the problems as hindrances but rather an opportunity to grow will surely win in the end.

Each of us has our own road to follow to be able to reach our dreams and aspirations. We have different ways of looking into things, we have different beliefs on how things and issues should be addressed but there is one thing in common to all, we are aiming for success.

Much as I would say, I would like to stay and work at home. Although at present, I know that this is not the proper time. I still have a lot of things to learn in order to get the goal that I am aiming for. But I am positive that I could have it in the days to come.

I know that there are a lot of ways to earn online and writing is one of the top ways in order to be successful in this field. That is why I am striving harder in order to be knowledgeable about this particular activity. I am positive that I can get great results with Hubpages.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

I would be very happy to learn new things from you my friends.

© 2014 Sharon Lopez


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