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Updated on August 28, 2014

It was only five in the morning. I wasn't completely sure where I was going. So I drove around for about an hour, before I made up my mind. I knew that one of the people that I had to make amends with before I left, was my parents. So I stopped at the front, and just sat there for what felt like hours. But it had only been minutes.
I saw that my father was home, and I felt that he was the one that I needed to make amends with most. So I got out of my truck and made my way to the front door. I wasn't sure if I should just walk in or ring the bell. I chose to ring the bell. It took a couple of seconds, when my mother opened the door. She looked shocked that I was standing there.

'May I come in?' I asked.


When my father saw that it was me. It looked like he wanted to yell at me. But I spome before he had the chance.

'There's a reason why I am here. And it's not about restraining orders. It's more important than that. . . I want to make amends. I'm sorry that I said I hated you. I don't hate you, I was mad. But now.'

'But now, what?' My father said.

'I'm saying that I am dying. And I need to make it right before I do.' My eyes watered.

'Oh bunny, your not dying,' my father had spoken nice to me. I couldn't remember the last time I heard him talk to me like that.

'I have bone cancer. I am dying. '

'That's not right.' My mother whispered.

'What are you talking about.' I said

'We weren't going to tell you until you were nineteen. But now this has happened, I have to tell you now.' My father said.

'Tell me what'

' When your nineteen your supposed to die.'

'What. What.'

' To become what your mother and I are you have to die to get your full abilities.'

' What are you talking about. Is this some joke because I wasn't good so your punishing me now.'

' No darling. What we say is true.'

'If it is. Show me, '

That I shouldn't have said. Because my mother had made a fire ball in her palm. It freaked me out a bit. But I couldn't help but be amazed. And then a thought came to me. A thought that I couldn't let it get away.

'Are you telling me that this has something to do with Danila? And why is it alright for me to be friends with Tom?' I asked.

I could tell that my parents were having a hard time finding the right words. But I stared them down until they told me.

'Yes. Why you can be friends with Tom is because he is your Guardian. He is your protector. Like Tom's parents, there ours. Tom is supposed to be with you most of the time. And when you need him to heal you, he can.'

'Though I don't think he can heal cancer. It has to be an open wound. Or something like that.'

'OK, so what about Danila? '

'Danila is a no good blood sucker. And for what we are, we are forbidden to have anything with.' My father snapped

'Danila is the nicest person I know, and if I ever come through this, there is nothing that can stop me from seeing him... Danila is the only one that makes me feel whole, without him I am nothing. We are each other's whole.'

' You are forbidden. It's not my rules. It's the higher power.' My father said. And for the first time he wasn't mad. He looked sorry for me.

'Well those higher power's can disown me. I don't care.'

'Oh honey, they wont just disown you. Your life will become in danger.'

'Isn't that worth it all for love?' I whispered.

'If only it was that simple.' My mother whispered.

'Thanks for talking with me. I should be going.'

I turned and started to walk towards the door, then I felt a hand on my arm. I looked and found it was my father. At first I thought he was going to tell me that I couldn't leave the house. But when I looked into his eyes, I didn't find that mean man who slapped me. I found my loving father who was concerned for me.

'Please feel free to come here whenever you need to,' he said.

'Thanks. '

I then left. It took me an hour to reach my hotel. And as soon as I registered, and found my room I laid on the bed feeling exhausted. From the night with Danila, writing those letters and became upset doing it. And the in counter with my parents. And just because of this stupid cancer in my hip.
I didn't fall asleep straight away. Instead I was thinking of Danila. I had no idea what he was. And I wondered if he knew anything about me. Or did he know anything about Tom. But knowing what Danila is, it didn't scare me. And it didn't make me want go run further away from him. If anything I wanted to run to him. But I couldn't. I had to stay away. I refuse to let him see me gdt sicker. But if I overcame this, and I became what my parents had told me. Danila was the first stop that I was going to make.
A part of me wanted to go to Danila and get him to turn me into what he is. I wondered in just that moment, would he have told me what he was and asked me if he could change me if he knew what was going on with me.
The only thing that I was upset about was that we had been friends for nearly nine years and nearly five of those years we we together. Why would he had kept something that was-you could say-important from me. He should have known that I wouldn't judge him on that. Or maybe he wasn't aloud to tell me. Was the last thing that came to me before I fell asleep.
I quickly started dreaming of Danila. I know that I was going to dream about him until that day I die. And I didn't mind about that. It meant that I still had Danila, for that little bit more.

The dream started off where I was at this hotel. I had gotten worse and was so sick. But something wasn't right. Because when I woke up, my breasts were really sore and that I could feel my left ovary. I had never had any problems with my ovaries, and that's when I realized that I hadn't had my period in three months. I tried to remember what the doctor said about what the Chemo would effect. And she mentioned something about that it shouldn't effect my period. So the only thing that I could think about what it was, was that I was pregnant, so I tried to think of the last time I had sex. And I realized that it was a little over three months ago with Danila.
I thought it was impossible because of all the Chemo I had that it would have made it impossible for a baby to survive. So to make sure I got dressed and slowly made my way to the chemist. I could barely walk these days. But when I brought thd test I came straight home and took it.
It was the longest one to three minutes I had to wait for. But when those minutes were up, I slowly flipped the test around to reveal that I was indeed pregnant. I couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe that I was going to give Danila the family I wanted to give him. Even though I might not be apart of it. But I was happy to know that I was going to give Danila apart of me forever.

I went to my doctor and she she it was true. But she wasn't happy about it. I told her that I didn't plan it. But there was no way that I was going to get rid of it. Though shd wasn't happy, she told me that I had to see her every week. I agreed and was happy that she didn't bug me about getting rid of the baby.

I was then in the taxi outside the school. I sat in the taxi until I knew it was lunch time. And when I saw my guys near our tree I handed the taxi two hundred dollars and told him not to wait. I then made my way to my tree where my guys were at. And as I thought

Danila saw me first. He raced over to me but didn't touch me.

'I'm sorry, I shouldn't have come back. But ...' I said.

I couldn't finish what I wanted to tell Danila. Because I suddenly felt dizzy and I found myself falling. Only I didn't fall far. Danila had grabbed me before I could hit the ground. I then blacked out.

I woke up then. I felt confused and a little upset. It made me mad because my brain had deluded me with the fantasy of me giving Danila a family. I began to cry. And shortly after I feel back asleep. A dreamless sleep.


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