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Falling Farther Away

Updated on January 6, 2013

A heart can bleed as long as you're breathing

Falling Farther Away

Stitch my eyes so I can't see

Disgrace is all I'm meant to be

A broken soul bound to my knees

Forgetting what it's like to bleed

The scabs never seem to heal

An open wound; the time we steal

That pulsates as a draping pain

Reminder that nothing's the same

I'd pray; but who'd be there listen

And these echoes are too much to bear

I'm shaking; insides breaking

And I can't just seem to keep on faking

The trigger to a feeling now unlatched

And I can't push it back to place

I'd hold my head up high

But with that same familiar sigh

I'd look the other way; if i'd have a chance to smile

I'm locked inside this self denial

Lost everything except my smile

And every time I reach for chance

I'm met with a new strain of disappointment

Give me something to believe in

Cause the more I see myself

The further I seem to be falling away


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