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February 11th

Updated on April 16, 2016
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It was on the eve of February 11th. 1990, an event that changed a nation happened in South Africa and also in nearby Zimbabwe, an event that changed my life happened. When South Africans were celebrating the release of Late Madiba, i was celebrating the birth of my son whom out of joy was named Nelson. I named him Nelson because of Nelson Mandela and i wanted to be a part of the South African Joy but my own would take a different stroke because it didn't last as Nelson's father Elijah died just twelve days after his birth.

Life took a different stroke on me and my baby because i wasn't married to his father before he was born and we were preparing to get married before his sudden death. His family rejected me before he was buried, they called me negative names and even tagged me a witch that brought nothing but misfortune to their son and to worsen my situation, my own family refused to accept my baby, they advised me to take him to the orphanage home if i want to remain a member of our family.

I was left with nothing but heartbreak and the only thing i could afford for my baby to eat was my breast milk while i survived on water and sometimes bread until all the money on me got finished. There was no help and everywhere i looked for help seemed dark but each time i looked at my son's face, i saw a shinning light which gave me strength because i believe that he would never allow us to go through trials that we cannot overcome. One night, i saw Elijah in my dream and he was holding the South African flag then i saw Pa Madiba coming behind him and there was this voice that echoed Pa Madiba's favourite word...' Walk to freedom begins with a step'.

The day was brighter than ever when i woke up the next morning and i noticed that i was filled with strength then my Mother came to me and reminded me that i was suppose to take Nelson to the Orphanage home that day, she made it very clear to me that it was my last day in the house if i fail to take him there, My Father stood watching while she gave me the orders and for the first time since the ill treatment, i smiled then i turned around and saw Patrick with his camera so i begged him to snap me and my baby for the very first time since he was born and he made me took a pose in front of the fruit tree in our compound.

I left the compound afterwards and although i didn't knew where i was going but something in me was leading me and to my Mother and relatives, they believed that i was headed to the Orphanage home in Harare, i boarded the bus that was travelling down south with no money to pay my fare but there was someone in the bus willing to pay my fare when the bus driver demanded that i get down with my baby and when this man asked me where i was going, i said South Africa. He asked me how much i got and i told him that i had nothing rather was running away from home to be safe. He looked at me as if i was mad but i noticed one thing in him,his accent was different from ours, his English was polished and the scent of his perfume was stronger than wine then he asked me my name and i told him. He also told me his name and i was pleased to meet an American and he was going to Soweto for evangelism.

That was how i met Jesus because right there inside the bus, i gave my life to Christ and behold everything changed, my life took a different turn as we got to Soweto and i joined other Missionaries waiting for Evangelist Tim.

I had no destination in South Africa but Jesus gave me one and i stayed with the Missionaries in Soweto for two weeks before we moved on to Johannesburg where we all met Winnie Mandela, that meeting was like heaven on earth to me, i had no international passport and i still can't remember what happened at the border when i was coming to South Africa but Evangelist Tim helped me secured a Zimbabwe International passport in Johannesburg, by now i have spent one month plus with them. He told me that they have just one more week to spend in Africa and wanted to be sure that i would be fine with my Baby when they leave.

Their next stop was England, i know England because i have been there several times in my dream and have heard so much about Queen Elizabeth perhaps that was why Evangelist Tim decided to make my dream come true and Zimbabweans could travel to England without visa then, so i got my ticket to England and that journey was the beginning of my story because England opened bigger doors for me and my baby boy as we settled in England doing God's work and winning souls. I realized that the greatest gift one could have in life in the gift of the holy spirit, believe me when you have this gift, nothing will be difficult for you to attain. It's been awesome serving God and the past twenty six years has been so wonderful for me and my baby who will be ordained a Pastor in the coming month.

The very first verse Evangelist Tim shared with me was Luke 6:27-36 and also Deuteronomy 31: 6 so all these years, i begin to wonder what actually happened that particular day, remember that my own Mother came to me to remind me about the Orphanage home, she took away my joy for the day and i saw the hatred my Father has for me, my Mother cursed me that morning but all i did was smiled but i didn't know where i got the strength then how i got to the bus but none of these is still a mystery because he promised that he will not leave or forsake us when people rise against us. You see, the mouth that cursed you will surely bless you because no one can curse whoever God bless. It is true that i had my baby outside wedlock but tell me, what sin our God cannot forgive? I made a mistake as a young girl but found favour in his sight.

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Pray with me...

Father you gave me life to your glory and health to sustain me therefore, i give you back my life by accepting you today as my personal guide, my saviour and my Lord.Father,prepare my destination and lead me, allow me to be a worker in your vineyard all the days of my life and as much as you give me,Lord Jesus, i will win you souls because you are my God and my redeemer. Father,may the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in your sight oh Lord My God. Amen.


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