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Feeling The Pressure

Updated on October 28, 2013


I’m under pressure; I can feel the heat from the tempter

There is no life for him so he does not want me to find God’s treasure

Instead of focusing on the real life, he wants me to die forever

Sometimes I feel so stupid but yet my enemy is so clever

Even though there are many things I can be thankful for

Sometimes I still ask myself: “Will things ever get better?”

I pray to Jehovah and ask him to help me stay faithful

I can almost hear the Devil saying: “Never!”

I'm in the bottom of the ninth, and I’m trying to hit the game winning home run with no hands

It’s like trying to win a battle with no plans

I’m in the fox hole, but the artillery is so heavy I can’t even stand

Imagine being brown or black and residing in a town owned by the Klu Klux Klan

Pressure can make a man take drastic measures

It can make him give into evil pleasures

Sometimes it’s your own family and friends that add on to the pressure

They are in your ear screaming this and that,

Not thinking about how their actions affect you

We’re already living behind enemy lines

What if you feel that it’s your own friends trying to kill you?

Pressure can make a man angry and paranoid

It can get worse than a sports player on steroids

You can see things that never really happened

Hear things that were never really said

It can block you from finding peace even when you lay down on your own bed

Tossing and turning, a million thoughts rushing through your head

Will I succeed or will I fail?

Or would I rather be dead?



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