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True Love - A Poem

Updated on October 6, 2015
Dark and lonely skies.
Dark and lonely skies. | Source

Finding My True Love

In the summer of 2008, I was lucky enough to meet my true love. I was in my late thirties and love was the last thing on my mind, but then Kelliann walked into my life and I have never looked back.I feel very fortunate to have found her and this poem is my gift to her.

The Searching

Drifting alone on an endless journey,

Forever searching for my one true love.

I was lost in the lowest of valleys,

Forever grasping at the peaks above.

With each passing day my hopes, they grew dim

As I felt condemned to live life alone.

My heart broken so many times before,

Too many nights waiting beside the phone.

So I closed my heart and eyes to the world

My mind would no longer pursue those dreams.

Found myself drifting through those endless days

Sheltered, no one to hear my silent screams.

Life alone is a lonely prison cell

Dreams fall slowly away, like tears that fell.

A new day is born!

A beautiful sunrise!
A beautiful sunrise! | Source

Found My True Love

A random night like so many others,

When into my life walked a mile wide smile.

An air of confidence and a warm heart,

In an instant my world changed by her style.

No more wandering through these lonely days,

Now I walk hand in hand with my true love.

A partner to share each experience,

Such a perfect gift from the lord above.

And so the years have come and gone, and still

The magic remains as the day we met.

And the same old routine never feels old

Each moment together, my dreams are set

No more shall I walk through this world alone,

For the light of true love has now been shown.

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© 2013 Christopher J Wood


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