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Five Steps to Getting a Book Published

Updated on February 21, 2015

Me: Reading at the Grangeville Idaho Library

Me: Reading at the Grangeville Idaho Library
Me: Reading at the Grangeville Idaho Library | Source

Are you a beginner in book publishing? Here is a guide.

Welcome to my journey!

"I heard you got a book published." I hear this all the time. Actually, I have published a dozen, see More are on the way. "How do I get my book published?" is the core of such conversations It often includes the words: "I've been trying to get a book published for years.

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These discussions are difficult, because when I hear such questions, I realize that the would-be author is at a beginning stage in this very complex area. In this article, I will present the most critical information and address the most pressing questions. This post provides a starting point for more fully exploring what it means to break into writing for large audiences and to become meaningfully published.

1) Determine your goals. What is the purpose of this book? Is commercial success the intended outcome? Will this text enhance a speaking career or business? For some, just seeing their name in print is enough to create great joy. Setting clear goals is critical in determining the direction that will create full satisfaction from this publishing experience.

2) Choose a platform to publish with. Once you know what you want to accomplish, it’s simple to select the right publishing package. On my author promotion page,, I offer advice about a variety of publishing platforms and packages, designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of authors.

Explore widely. Getting a lot of information creates the freedom to choose a package with services that are most relevant to specific publishing goals. From print to Ebooks to audiobooks, video trailers and more, the choices vary widely. Feel free to message me through the Facebook page above. I can help authors select the platform(s) best suited for their book.

3) Create high quality work. Deciding to publish words for all the world to see is a career-changing step. Authors know how important it is for a book to show the highest level of professionalism, right from the start. I work with new and experienced authors to make sure they can properly submit your manuscript and any other supplemental materials. l work on proofreading, basic editing and developmental editing.These processes help ensure that the finished product will meet high standards and give new authors the respect they deserve from industry professionals.

4) Own, enjoy and control the process. As your consultant, I can walk you through the process step by step. The the ability to take charge of a book’s future is one of the great benefits of publishing in the social media age. I offer a written walk through of ideas related to the glorious process.

5) Publish and promote your book. As soon as it is clear that a manuscript is ready, I help authors set up accounts with major online sellers including amazon, Ebay, Barnes and Noble, Abe Books, Etsy, Alibris.and others. While pre-orders are being taken through such venues, the final manuscript heads to the printer and distributor. Connections are made to ensure that making the book is available for purchase from a multitude of big-name "bricks and mortar" retailers, too. I always love sharing the joy when an author holds that first printed copy of their own book. Imagine the feelings that come with being a published author! To promote and sell these books, I offer many marketing and promotional services, including creating and maintaining social media accounts, press releases, setting up book signings, bookmarks, business cards, and other tools that can help the work reach as many people as possible.

Every writer and every book is different. So is every market, acquisitions editor, and publishing house. Remember, even great writers including J.K. Rowling were rejected multiple times before they sold their first text. Persistence is key. let the love of writing and story be the driver, and the journey is sure to be a success.


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