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Following the Path of a writer: Week one of trouble

Updated on December 9, 2012

So the first week is over of this challenge and let me tell you that it wasn't an easy one. I had to deal with an extreme amount of family drama combined with the traumatic event of water being poured into my computer. So as I write this hub I write it with a slight sense of mourning. All the typed work I had done the past week was destroyed. This is yet another reason to hold onto a physical copy of you work, because who knows when a clumsy oaf will knock a huge cup of water over into your key board...

On a brighter note, I met my goal with a few other accomplishments in between. The day after I had posted the last hub I had finished the first chapter I had assigned my self. A couple days of rest then followed. With these days I made a teddy bear that I have yet decided what to do with and wrote two hubs that managed to become featured in only a couple days. So that is great.

It was on Saturday that I realized my couple days of rest almost took up my whole week, so I powered up my computer, that was when the worst thing ever happened, the horrid cup of water slipped from the hands of my boyfriend and landed right in my key board almost soaking my journal as well. The rest of that day was spent in an argument. And still I am trying to forgive him... sigh... the world goes on though and I had other things to do.

Sunday. Spent the morning of this day out in the first actual snow of the year. When I came inside I had managed to work up an idea for chapter four. Pen went to paper and about three hours later the fourth chapter was complete.

Already the wheels are turning for chapter five and I am eager for the next deadline so I can get started. So here it is. The deadline for the second week of the challenge. Three chapters. Let's see if this week will be a little less devastating.

Oh I also wanted to mention what I like to call an inspiration board. This is a little tool that I use to help keep my mind on the right track. What you do is you post little trinkets and things that help you keep in mind where you want your book to go. Through out this week I kept looking at my board trying to imagine how in the world I would be able to continue on. As I stared at the small book with my name on it and the tea cup charm I realized exactly where the chapter should go. Consider this one of the writer's pet peeve's that I have.

The reason I wanted to mention this was just in case it could become useful to someone out there. Some one who is feeling stuck with there work and has no idea where to go. So if you do get stuck clear of a piece of wall and try making your own inspiration board. The writing may flow easier than you think.

With all of this said and done I wish all the other writers out there good luck and quick pens. Till next time, good bye.

Song of the week

The song of the week is Asleep by Emily Browning, also from the Sucker Punch Original Soundtrack. I hope you enjoy it!


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