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Free Conscience #1

Updated on July 2, 2020

Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


Fifteen years ago, he was employed

By one of the growing banks in his

Island. Few days after his employment

He was contacted by one man who would

Eventually become one of the customers of

The bank. The man wants to open an account with

The bank and starts saving money with the bank.

He helped the man out as his work was, and since

Then they have become good friends. Whenever the

Man wants to deposit money into the account he would

Be looking for him to help him with the transaction. The

Bank’s customer was asked to supply the name of who

Would become his next of kin to the bank for that was

The new directive from the central bank of the island. Thus

The man was given a form to fill. The man promises to fill

The forms and get the details across to him later,

But he asked the man if not supplying the details of his

Next of kin would hinder him from continue deposit into

His bank account and he replied the man that it will

Not hinder him from making deposit for what filling the

Details of the next of kin is used for is in case of emergencies,

In case anything bad happens to the depositor which

No one prays for, but nothing is impossible in the world

And thus, so that the person would not lose out, and

That the person’s possessions would be directed to the

Appropriate channel, that is why it is being requested for

As it is obtainable in other parts of the world. He thanks

The man for clarifying what that is for and told him

Again that he will come forth with that portion soonest,

But in the meanwhile, he would love to continue to

Deposit his money because he does not want to

Misuse the money he is getting at that moment for what

Would not bring him good dividends later, he wants to

Banker | Source

Be saving the money for a project and as soon as he

Hits the target of the money he wants to save, he will

Contact people he wants to use for the project, and it would

Earnestly start, the man said as he saved into his account

That day and leave. Weekly the man keeps coming into the

Bank to save for one year and the following year he was not

Seen in the bank. Well the banker thought he has hit his

Target as he has said and do not bother to come again, looking

For business associates, on another hand the banker thought

Maybe the man’s business was not going as expected again

Because many people have been complaining that there are

Changes in the economy of the island because of the global

Oil plummet and since the economy of the island revolves

Around the oil, the island wasn’t immune of this negative effect.

The phone details of the man which is on the form filled was

Always out of reach or switched off while the messages sent

To his emails were never replied. As his customer, this man pays

Close attention to the money to know when the man would come

It was ten years after the incident that he read in one of

The dailies something about the 10 years remembrance of

The man because his photo was in the newspaper. The

The remembrance was signed off by people who claim

To be his business associates. He was saddened to read this

And he decides to check the details of the man from the

Archive again to see maybe he has submitted the form of

His next of kin before his demise so that that person be

Contacted to tell him the procedures of getting the money

But to his surprise, he discovered that before his demise

He has not submitted the details of his next of kin to the

Bank as he has promised. He checked for the details of the



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