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Sweet Friend

Updated on August 18, 2009

I just lost the best friend a guy

could have,

Seems strange and I don't know


Just as soon as it began

it was gone,

and on some strange plain

I feel all alone.

I don't need fans.

I walk alone,

through the vain streets of man.

A strong rapport I was looking to create,

spending friendly hours laughing late.

It couldn't be helped I suppose,

alone again in repose.

The best friend a foolish guy

could hope to have had

Now alone, blue, and sad.


A feathered kiss in a violent storm!


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  • profile image

    Am I dead, yet? 8 years ago

    Michael, you are very fortunate to have experienced such a wonderful friendship. I hope all is well for you soon.

  • profile image

    Michael Achilles 8 years ago

    Very True Acquilles...Very True..

  • Acquilles profile image

    Acquilles 8 years ago from Lucknow

    Hey!! Its a beautiful poem.

    I guess each of us faces such a situation at least once in our lives..

  • profile image

    \Brenda Scully 8 years ago

    i love the picture that goes with the poem.... it fits so well...

  • profile image

    tania agosta 8 years ago

    ...a storm of feelings. Losses make a part of you die...