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From Soap Boxes to Public Services

Updated on December 1, 2017

I am a poet even though some still do not promote it. The words that I spew out are of rare linguistics, which makes them very potent. Unable to subdue the thoughts that rarely leave my brain, I write and explore all notions that get thrown my way. Some think it is insane how I can develop any word or sentence into a paragraph or any inference; like the act of deductive reasoning from factual knowledge or evidence for instance. Some people believe it’s unbelievable to obtain any substance from expressing yourself. What they fail to realize is that anything you do is heightened and what you get from that experience is more than a sustained feeling. Way more than a passion, these explorations of the English language can be held onto until the end of our physical appearances. As we’re aware, time is limited so our words are something our children can cling on to. We’re in a time of cultural depression and economic recession and art is what is needed, wanted, priceless gifts that are well worth sharing. Acts so permissible that they can be remembered forever especially since using your brain became out of date and those who choose to became clever. There isn’t much to it but to do it. The level of I allows me to pursue “It”. Coming off the block and chasing down my sensations following through my anguishes or anything that makes me want to reveal my own language. This expression allows me to set my own laws and codes I can live by. Thoughts lain to paper, written words practiced leading to actions, followed by habitual practices, by-laws that permit me to progress and to love!

I am a poet and I do know it! Now is the time you pick your brain and show it. Now is the time. Do it now while you’re young at heart. An American Renaissance is upon us. Embrace change: join me so we can implore us. Speak for yourself so you can employ trust. Love yourself so you can enjoy love.

© 2017 Ali T Muhammad


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