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G. I. Joe and Me

Updated on June 4, 2021
W. K. Hayes profile image

As a child, my memory capability was extremely limited. Collecting G. I. Joe helped me to improve my memory over the years.

G. I. Joe: A Real American Hero


G. I. Joe: Love at first sight

G. I. Joe has been a part of my life for over twenty–five years. As an avid collector, I now have a, near-complete set of the figures and vehicles. Still, this story is about that start of that collection

In 1983, I worked on a farm to make extra money for school clothes and school supplies. At the time, I was big on trying to scrape up enough money to buy a Star Wars figure although, it was rare that I ever had extra money, back then.

It was August of that year, I was twelve years old and had spent the first part of the day working the fields with my siblings. After a hard day’s work in the field, mom had me us take turns getting ourselves, washed up before we could continue on with the day. Her idea of us getting washed up, usually consisted of hosing off all the dirt in the back yard before being allowed in the hosue to actually take a shower.

At the time, my oldest brother was dating girl who lived on Haymont Hill and I recall that she had a cute little sister. Unfortunately, the cute little sister also, had a crush on my oldest brother and that really bummed me out and taught me, my first lesson on setting my expectations too high when it comes to girls.

Mom and my sister, could tell that my feelings was hurt. So, they contrived a plan to cheer me up. The three of us loaded up in the car and went to a grocery store that had a great deli where they made the best egg rolls, I have ever had. To this day, I would give anything for some of them.

Afterwards, we went across the main road to a department store to do our school shopping. After mom insisted that I rounded up my school stuff first, she finally let me drag her, and my sister, back to the toy department.

Naturally, I ran to the Star Wars toys and began looking for the figures I wanted when, mom called to.

“Hey, come look at these figures”, she suggested.

I walked down the aisle, where she stood mulling through some of the figures hanging there and saw, In her hands was Scrap Iron, a cobra weapons specialist.


Scrap Iron: Cobra Weapons Specialist

Scrap Iron wants to blow-up the world but not on G. I. Joe's watch!
Scrap Iron wants to blow-up the world but not on G. I. Joe's watch! | Source

G. I. Joe Love at first sight continued...

“Look,” she said as she showed me the carded figure and added, “He comes with all kinds of stuff,” and indeed, he did, as pictured above.

Mom went on to quickly, point out that; there was enough money to buy two of the figures if I wanted a second one. She was really being sweet about the event and trying to help me forget my first, heatbreak. Therefore, when she grabbed Blowtorch, I automatically took him. Not that he was my first choice but because she wanted me to have him and that was good enough for me to want him, too and I was good with buying him.


Blowtorch: Incendiary Weapons specialist

Blowtorch is very serious about what he does and he's great at his job!
Blowtorch is very serious about what he does and he's great at his job! | Source


As time goes on, I will write, more and more articles, about G. I. Joe and the influence it still has on my life, to this day. For me, ‘Yo, Joe,’ will always be in the back of my mind right along with, ‘Knowing is half the battle.’

A special thanks goes to for a having the best database on the figures although their listings are off by one year LOL...Still, if you are an avid collector of G. I. Joe, then you probably already know all about them. Oh, and if anybody decides to debate me on the dates...I have the original vehicle pamplets with dates. For some weird reason, Hasbro always dated their toys, a year ahead of time much the way automobiles are done.

Another footnote: G. I. Joe was first created back in 1963 by a man with a big heart. He was walking past a toy display filled with dolls when he realized that little boys should have soemthing to play with too! Thanks to him, G. I. Joe was the first real, toys for boys.

Another Fun fact, G. I. Joe is proudly displayed at the Smithsonian Institute. Truly, an American legend.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2011 W K Hayes


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