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Gays and Aliens Converge in California

Updated on September 18, 2008

Does California Ruling Extend Rights To Gay Aliens?


May 15, 2008 will go down in history as a day that was of incredible importance of two long-tormented minority groups in America. The California Supreme Court, a seven-member body with six members appointed by extremely conservative Republicans, voted 4-3 to overturn a ban on gay marriage in the state. In so doing, the high court validated all those unions that the Mayor of San Francisco allowed four years ago. What's more, the high court opened the door in 30 days to allow any same-sex individuals to receive a license to be wed, regardless of whether they live in California or any other state. The other big news of the day is that the British government has decided to release all of its UFO files since 1978 to the present. This development will have a profound effect on the very small segment of the population that claims to have seen or met Aliens and their crafts on Earth. I haven't read any of the released information, found at, but my understanding is that much of the information the British are releasing is inconclusive. UFO fanatics like me, however, will be happy to look at all the information, and at very least it can be inferred that there will be plenty of information to keep people talking for years to come.

My question is whether the timing of these two seemingly unrelated news items could be more than a simple coincidence.

Let's imagine that hidden somewhere in the depths of the British archives there's a file that proves that Alien life does, indeed, exist, and furthermore that it has visited Earth. It raises the question, does the California Supreme Court ruling open the doors to same sex marriages to couples from other planets?

If you think about it, California would be a great place for Aliens to make such a splash. I mean, it's a major tourist destination, so if you're going to travel multiple light years in order to tie the knot, wouldn't it make sense to get married in a state where the happy couple could spend a few days as newly weds?

I can just picture the scene now. Imagine an Alien ship landing in front of San Francisco City Hall, with a green couple striding down the ramp, walking up to the city clerk's office. That would be a news clip for the ages!

Then, of course, there would be the obligatory comments about how it is unnatural for Humans to recognize the rights of Aliens to be married on OUR planet. "It's just not right!" the naysayers would say. "Next thing ya know, they'll be sayin' it's OK for people with different colored skin to get married!"

Of course then someone would have to remind this person that people of different races already do marry each other, which would prompt this right wing wacko to stick his head into the ground, but not before exclaiming, "What the hell is this world coming to?"

So special thanks must be extended to the California Supreme Court and the British Archives for giving us so much fodder to discuss around the water cooler!



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    • crashcromwell profile image

      crashcromwell 7 years ago from Florida

      Blake4D - Thanks for the comment. I have to say that when I saw that someone had left a comment on this article, I cringed just a little bit. After I wrote it, I worried that folks like your sister would be offended at my attempt to bring some levity to what is both an intensely passionate issue for people on both sides, and also is intensely personal for those who are directly affected by the issue. The other shoe never dropped, but I thought it was when I read you had left a comment. I am glad you enjoyed it!

      Jim Henry

      aka Crash Cromwell

    • blake4d profile image

      Blake Ford Hall 7 years ago from Now Rising Out of Phoenix Arizona Earthlings

      Okay CC, I have not read anything but this hub of your work, and at first it was just a giggle looksee, because I was all but assured that I was misunderstanding your title, right? But then I look further and must give a full blown hats off, 21 gun salute, and a momment of silence to you tonight, Later if you look , you shall see that I pride myself on walking headfirst into controversial topics in both my writing, and money reputation whatever be damned...I know who the F**k i am. Also I am a striaght man, but I gotta say it. You got some big shiny brass liberty bell ringing balls to write what I just read, and you did it without sounding like a freak, paranoid or anything...

      And I am pretty sure that you never mentioned anything remotely offensive to anyone, except a few confused Latinos that are still scratching their heads, and I guess a few equally confused oval eyed grey headed aliens monitorin your hub from the Zeta Reticuli...OMFG ROTF LMAO ROTF again LOL until my belly hurts or the US government legalizes Gay Alien marriage from sea to Martian ice cap.


      I guess sone Alien Probing will be going on in the near future...if only behind closed doors, between consenting visiting planetary citizens.


      OMG my sister is very very political and active in the Gay Pride and other orgs nationally, I have got to send this to her. It could be a whole new movement...Gay Alien Civil Rights. Man I will read more of you soon, I just gotta stop laughing, it hurts. Keep on Hubbing CC\


    • LisaG profile image

      Lisakg 9 years ago from Caribbean

      You know crashcromwell, on Sci Fi movies, Aliens are always protrayed as being way ahead of us in terms of technology. So maybe they are saying why it took us so long to legalize gay marriages. It's just a thought.