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Get Paid to Write Lists for List My Five

Updated on January 31, 2013

List My Five is a massive site of lists written by members who self-publish personal lists to the site. The list writers earn a share of the revenue they produce for the site, allowing writers to earn money from home with their informational or creative writing.

The site is free to join and allows anyone to sign up for an account. Writers can create a list of five things within any category in order to make money from home. The title of each list begins with 'The Top Five," and writers fill in the rest. The lists can be about anything, from the personal to the informational.

Earn Money from List My Five

To get started, writers must register as a member of the site and join the Writer's Compensation Program. Writers earn extra money by writing the lists and allowing a share of the revenue generated by their lists to accrue in their accounts. Members earn money for their their top-five lists when they meet the $10 minimum payment. Earnings carry over until the next month for payment.

Kids 14 and up can use List My Five to write and publish lists, but they must be 18 years old to join the Writer's Compensation Program and to earn money from their lists.

Pay Per Click Revenue Share

Unlike Bukisa or Examiner, sites that pay writers based on the amount of traffic their pages get, List My Five writers are paid per click. That means that the revenue generated by readers who click on the ads on the page is shared by the site and the writers. Getting paid per click is a revenue share model that depends more on the click value of the ads and the topics that writers choose rather than the amount of traffic a list gets. The exact percentage that is given to the writers is not disclosed, and there is no guarantee of making money from a list.

Terms of Use and Earning Money From Home

The site "reserves the right to change, alter re-write the Terms of Use without notification or reason," making it possible for the site to discontinue payments to list writers. Currently, List My Five members retain ownership of the content they publish through the site. However, this can change in the future if the terms of use should change to claim ownership over the site's content. Some revenue-sharing websites that had a similar structure have changed their terms in the past to claim ownership over works and even to stop payments on content.


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    • LisaMarie724 profile image

      Lisa Stover 5 years ago from Pittsburgh PA

      Hmm, doesn't sound like a good site to write for. Thanks for the information.