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Ghost Writer: A Posthumous Message From Barack Obama Sr. to His Son

Updated on August 8, 2017
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Samuel Malik Canty: the Word Bird. I am the author of Four Poetry Books, I understand my Purpose, and my words are my proof...


Ghost Writer

Flesh of my flesh… Seed of my loins… Look what you have become my son.

From my heavenly perch I shouted with joy as you reached a pinnacle that others deemed impossible to achieve in this lifetime.

Even though I left you at the age of two, I knew there was something special inside of you that had already been ordained in heaven’s domain.

I never stopped loving you and I knew in my heart that you were filled with the fire and determinations of our ancestors to become that, which you became, an Agent For Change.

They don’t talk about me much when it concerns you, only because they are puzzled as to “how could I leave you?” They don’t know my story or really care about my story.

They really don’t understand that I was a Blackman, a poor Kenyan man, who rose from poverty and became Harvard educated on a scholarship that was not enough to maintain a family.

Some say I was brilliant, others claimed I was unstable and unable to keep up with all the families I created; still I need you to know that I have been following your journey from a special realm.

I was there in the Senate when they first heard you speak and fell in love with the power and eloquence of your words. My Spirit, My Love is one of the guiding lights that watch over you daily.

I was in the crowd clapping for you, urging you on as you sought to climb and conquer the impossible dream… I prayed with millions of people who knew that you needed protection from a higher realm in order to safely reach your goal.

Your Rise does not surprise Heaven’s Eyes.

My son… Mr. President, you come from a long line of ancestors who shared your dreams and aspirations.

My son… Mr. President, the fruits don’t fall far from the roots and I above all others am proud beyond words to be able to boast that your dreams of reaching this elusive office is now the dream of many others, who didn’t believe this would be possible in their lifetime.

You’ve done well my son. And I sit here from my heavenly perch taking turns with the angels watching over you.

Flesh of my flesh, you know that I am proud of you, and you know in your heart that I always loved you.

My son, Mr. President of The United States…Your steps, your rise is ordained because things had to change.

They may deny my existence in your life, or hide my worth, but it is written: When You See The Son, You See The Father.

Continue your Destiny Walk and continue to be The Man You Made Yourself To Be.

Worry not for the eyes of heaven guide you and what you have accomplished has stirred the people and given the world hope for a better tomorrow.

Heed the words of the poets and the artist for it is through them that I speak.

Greatness has found you and may Our Creator Always Protect You.

I am the other part of the Proud Vessel that was used to bring you in this world for this divine purpose.

My son… Mr. President, Greatness has found You.

NOTE: Ghost writing of this piece was inspired through the spirit of President Barack Obama’s father and requested by the Obama Drama Ministry of Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church.

Respectfully done,

Malik Canty

© Word Bird

© 2013 Malik S Canty


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