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Go out there and get it

Updated on September 5, 2015


FATHER sleeping while BRIGHT wakes then goes outside to take his bath

(Scene fades)


FATHER driving a car and he speaks with someone over the phone

FATHER: Yes, this is Prince, how are you? Okay, well what i want you to do for me is to transfer the money into my account today... Yes! Ten million dollars... What is too much? Is it your money or my money? How dare you challenge me? Do you want to continue with this job? Be careful, you are just a financial adviser, i make the money, and your job is to figure out investment opportunities and not to tell me how to spend my money, am I clear? Do the transfer immediately.

(Scene fades)


BRIGHT gets set to leave for school then wakes his FATHER who is murmuring while asleep

BRIGHT: Papa, Papa wake up, it is 7 o’clock...Papa are you talking with the spirit or you are dreaming? Papa! Papa! Papa!

BRIGHT’S FATHER wakes and realizes that he has been dreaming but lashes BRIGHT for waking him

FATHER: Oh! My God, Bright, why did you wake me? You see, you are a bad luck, now that i am dreaming this sweet dream, you of all people woke me up, you are nothing but a potassium ignoramus and you will not eat this morning

BRIGHT: Papa, our head master said that today is the final day to pay our school fees

FATHER: Your head master said that today is your final day to pay your school fees?

BRIGHT: Yes Papa

FATHER: You see, after distracting me when i was seeing a vision and you cut it, you still have the guts to stand before me and talk of school fees

BRIGHT: But Papa how would i have known that you are now a prophet who sees vision?

FATHER: I don’t blame you, i blame your mother who gave birth to you and died for me to take care of the amoeba she delivered, you are genetically a mismatch because you are not my gen and in biology, people like you are born because of imbalance fertilization, look at you at 15, you still look like you are 9 years old.

BRIGHT: Okay, Papa, if in biology that people like me are born because of imbalance fertilization then in current affairs, people like you are born to be poor, after all you said that you were in the same class with John Mahama in primary school

FATHER: Bright, if i get up from this bed and you are still standing there, i will separate your head from the rest of your body

BRIGHT: Papa, if you like fly out from the bed, my head will remain on my body and i won’t be sent home from school today so give me my school fees oooo

FATHER: You falachatisco fachalas, are you challenging me? Okay take your school fees

BRIGHT’S FATHER angrily gets up from the bed, seeing the anger on him, BRIGHT runs out from the room while his father curse him

(Scene fades)


BRIGHT’S FATHER escorts him to school pushing his wheel barrow as they both walk and chat

FATHER: Bright, you know that all the things i said to you this morning that i didn’t mean them

BRIGHT: Papa, i know, hang over can do anything

FATHER: You see my son, dreams come true, who knows, you might grow and become a wealthy man maybe that is the interpretation of the dream

BRIGHT: Papa, i also dreamed one time, you were driving a car and i said to myself when i woke up that when i grow up, i will buy you a car

FATHER: It is possible my son, listen...

BRIGHT’S FATHER halts then holds BRIGHT’S on his shoulder then speaks to him

FATHER: You can achieve this if you want, all you need to do is to focus on your studies, i am trying my best to be a good father, to train you in school because education is the key to success, you can become a lawyer or a doctor or even the president of our country but to be any of this, you need to work hard, son, you have a dream to protect and when people can’t do anything themselves, they tell you that you cannot do it, do not allow anyone to tell you that you cannot do anything, even me, if you want anything, go out there and get it, do you hear me?

BRIGHT: Yes papa

FATHER: Bright, your destiny lies in your hands and your dream will surely come true


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