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God smiled down on me

Updated on September 17, 2015

My principal in life is to always do my best in whatever i set my hands on and everyone that knows me knows that i work very hard and always try to contribute positively to the society but sometimes i begin to wonder if working hard is actually what it takes to become successful.

Everything one does to make a living yields fruit according to how much effort put into it,i don't know of anyone who just sit down without doing anything and money keep flowing in his or her circle though there is this saying that "monkey is striving baboon is chopping".

Well, to prove my theory about work work work and hard hard hard wrong was what happened on the 19th of July 2013. I was asleep when my phone beeped and reluctantly i picked it to check because it was an sms alert,scrolling down to the message i realized that it was from the bank.

It was an usual message because it was a credit alert,my account was credited with thirty five million naira. I robbed my eyes well and counted the zeros in the figure, goodness me i screamed,as thousands of questions began to process in my brain.How come? Whats this?...

I didn't know what to do but the nearest person to me at that time was my wife so i told her about the sms and without even reading it, she began singing...He is a miracle working God!!! Her dancing steps were enough to kill WHITNEY HOUSTON if she wasn't dead. I couldn't believe her reaction as she told me that it was manna from above.

There must be a mistake somewhere and i knew that the right thing to do was to contact the bank but she faulted me and threatened to divorce me if i mess up what she tagged the greatest opportunity of my life, she told me that i have always messed up every time something good come to me,she even called me over i too know and said all sorts of things that made me began to see the situation from her point of view.

One week passed as we agreed to just wait and see if the bank will contact me or maybe take the money back but nothing happened and by now i was tempted to withdraw the money because i have also come to terms that it was a blessing in disguise because i saw all my problems eradicated, i saw my small provision kiosk transformed into a super market and saw my wife who sells used cloths at the road side inside her own boutique.

By now, i have withdrawn quiet a large some from the ATM and also over the counter, i noticed the way the clerk looked at me the very day i withdrew three million naira over the counter, she knows me well and the look on her face was how come? The very same question i have also asked times without number. A month passed,two three,four,five and six and i was living a different life,i bought a plot of land and also two cars and moved my three children to a better school.

Who says that being rich is not good, i said bye bye to poverty and gave myself a target. My target was to begin developing the plot of land the coming year and to finish my dream house within one year,of course it seemed 100% possible because i invested ten million naira in an importation ventures. You see,luck smiles down on us in different form and i am not different from anyone of you out there striving hard to make it in life, so many people indulge in all sorts of evil to make money, most of our politicians clean the national treasury with just pen and paper but in my case,God smiled at me.

I am writing from experience, the best thing in life is to be honest because it lasted just for a while then the Bank realized the mistake, (a virus had earlier bugged their system and moved funds from one account to the other, they noticed it during an internal audit and corrected the fatal damaged it caused but were unable to trace most of the funds it tampered with but kept searching until the one deposited in my account was traced). I gave back everything yet they sued me and I wasn’t lucky to evade the law as i watched the Judge that day as she pronounced judgment, she gave me ten years just like that as if she was sending me to college.


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