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Gold's Travel

Updated on March 16, 2012

The Beginning

What was once lost is not always forgotten, a memory but one that
fades over a few generations. It is so in the travels of such an
element, gold. It's form has been molded over the course of history,
one such particular piece having found it's start on a mountain
nestled comfortably within a mine, it's existence found new and
favorable to a group of entrepreneurs.

Augusta, 114 AD

"Soren...Soren come quickly there's gold here...everywhere", a voice
said from the somewhere on the other side of the cave wall, a rumble
heard as a piece of metal punctured the layers of my fellow elements.
An artificial light suddenly shined brightly on my reflective physical
makeup, my yellow tint proudly flaring through the room as the weird
creatures pulled me from the comforts of my earthly home. "We're
going to be rich...everyone back at the village are going to envy
us!", the strange creature said with a twinkle in his eye, a shine
encompassing greed on an unprecedented scale. I was taken and thrown
into a dark world, the sides of my new prison scratching it's stringy
points into my rocky body, my fellow companions being thrown in over
top of me as well.

The trip was long and tedious, my emotions cut short from the
continuous beatings I was getting from my own kind, rocky bodies
slamming into one another all wrapped up inside this dark lonely world
for what seemed like weeks. "We're almost there...keep the camels
working...we don't want them to slow...time is money and I don't have
time for ease of travel", another voice said from somewhere outside
the roped in world, my companions clinching to each other, jagged edge
to jagged edge, gap to gap, all in fear of what was to follow. The
smells of alien sweat and drought parched lips could be heard roughly
sliding against it's equal, the texture I'm sure was of sand clashing
against sand. The sound of camel hoof against stone pavement was
heard soundly in the approach to my prison, my families trust the only
thing in balanced harmony within myself, Gaia's trust in a better
tomorrow. "We're here...look how everyone is approaching
quickly...there is much to be drank tonight in wine and food...we've
done it Soren...wealth beyond our wildest dreams...", the voice from
beyond my temporary prison said with a proud yell, the sounds of
cheering ringing loudly.

Time passed by slowly as what seemed like days, the glares from their
eyes so greedy in want and need, my rocky body burned and molded into
some circular shape. I was stamped with an authentication of
slavery's descent as were the rest of my fellow earth fixtures, the
pain of altercation and deformation yearning for a swift justice. The
days became months and then on through a decade, my deformed gold skin
touched by greedy hands time and time again, my value contributing to
the downfalls of entire empires and almost always through military
conquest derived from economic passions.

September, 2036

The energy could be seen flowing violently through me, a feeling of
discomfort that isn't relieving in any shape or form. The copper
conduits that helped to provide my constant energy flow also let out
howls of unjustified pain, our feelings mutual as we all had one thing
in common, a prison of manmade electrical substance. "Its ready
sir...the B-52 is ready for maneuvers as of tomorrow...", a voice said
from outside the metal beast, a machine built to destroy others with
ease. "Good...very the bomb ready to be dropped from it's
hull...we want our guests to view the spectacle without
interruption...", another voice said in an envious tone, the
specialized bomb in question built around my electrically fused body
and being prepared to be used against fellow humans.

Why did this have to happen to me...the yellow sting of the jolting
electricity pulsing through my body. Would it ever stop I asked the
lithium and copper violently emitting blasts of static charged air,
the volts of power amount from violent to catastrophic. The piercing
air around our enclosed prison split wide open, the wave of energy so
fanatical it took life at least fifty miles in any given direction,
the only sound minutes later was a stale air cracking from the
deprived atmosphere.

Warroon, 4623

The glide of the wind felt so passionate against my arms, the moment
our race of metal had acquired our freedom from humans and greolods
alike. The golden armored soul flew high above the clouds, the
backdrops of massive cities drifting through the skies, the lights
shining from the towers of unimaginable fascination. The near hit of
another flying metallic armor of bluish tint, the only appropriate
name for such a gentle tone would be cobalt compounded with gold,
whizzed past in contempt of high speed racing. Kids, they do it
anyway, but why do they speed when they can enjoy the view, enjoy


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    • BakerRambles profile image

      BakerRambles 6 years ago from Baltimore, MD

      Thank you, I tried to make an element come to life. I'm glad you thought the concept was interesting.

    • poshcoffeeco profile image

      Steve Mitchell 6 years ago from Cambridgeshire

      Great hub. Structured brilliantly. I like it!