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The Philosophy of Socrates: Part XV

Updated on August 17, 2011

A Fire in Athens

--The Flames grew high, citizens of Athens accumulating around the corner store that blazed high above the building, Socrates approaching slowly as a man argued with Athenian Police--

A Citizen:

How dare police allow kids to burn my building down...and you say I can't charge them with arson?

I can't only because one of the Kids belongs to a senate committee can you be so discerning?

I will not calm down...I will not relax...I will voice myself for all to hear...this is discrimination on all what if I'm not a native here,

Don't put your hands on me police man of the state's evil let my building burn...your holding my life ransom.


Walk over here my friend...those police do the same to me...treat wisdom like rats in the street...they will let your business burn,

Do you think it is truly the time though for your voice to be raised for all to hear?

I do not wish to see you locked down for your own individuality my friend...Do you not hear those officers talk about arresting you now?

A Citizen:

Old don't understand...those kids...the wealthy looking one to be exact...his father is a senate member...they let him do it,

Just for a laugh...because I'm not from here...don't you see...false democracy on all levels...they let my Persian rugs burn,

They let my life fall will I support my only source of happiness old man...why??


My fellow will experience life anew...material goods are not what makes life whole...that fire is nature's enforcer,

Do you not see that maybe the Gods wish to see you move on to something better?

Maybe a life that is much more relevant than an Athenian Storefront...A place of business for money and wealth?

A wealthy kid destroyed your store...but your letting a natural event that was meant to happen cause your mental downfall,

Do you want your life to fall apart...or will you pick up the shattered glass of your soul's energy that the crowd is trying to take from you?

A Citizen:

Old Man...I want to throw hostilities your way as well...but your truly grandparents taught me Persian morals,

These represent the basic principalities of life...happiness...understanding...atonement...empathy with a sympathy backdrop... and freedom to choose your true calling,

I must obey these rules...rather I wish to bury myself among dead feelings...the true things in life are not are right old friend,

Officer...I am sorry for my misfortune...and your poltical motives are no longer my concern...your civil servants will simply have to pay for a new building,

In that aspect...I will gain my revenge...pounds of gold reserve later out of your pocket...not mine...I will find a new life full of happiness rather than greed...thank you wise one.


Anytime...I saw you were emotionally troubled and I felt I could help...remember that everything in life is guided in some form or another,

Do you follow in fate's footsteps...or do you strive to perceive life in remarkable accordance?

Build a new path my friend...lay the cobblestone to your new life...your new unbeaten emotional storefronts along your mental freely and believe.

--Both Socrates and the citizen smile, the Athenian Police just shaking their heads, the fire continues it's blaze but in dull reality to the citizens new and glorious fork in the road--



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    • profile image

      Fongbeer 4 years ago

      I think you are making a misatke. The Bible wasn't written by men via their advanced education or intelligence. It was written by men as the spirit of God moved them. They were inspired of God.The Bible was written by princes (Moses), priests or levites (Samuel, Ezra, Jeremiah, Ezekiel,Zechariah,etc), shepherd kings (David), a kings cupbearer (Nehemiah), a herdsman (Amos), Fisherman(Matthew, John, Peter) ,a physician (Luke), a pharisee (Paul) and so on. Some were the best educated of their time while others had very humble beginnings, God uses both. In fact it is written His strength is made perfect in weakness , so if your proud and don't need God he can't help or use you .

    • profile image

      Sueswan 6 years ago

      "Do you not see that maybe the Gods wish to see you move on to something better?"

      When one door closes another one opens.

      Voted up and awesome

    • profile image

      Sueswan 6 years ago

      Do you want your life to fall apart...or will you pick up the shattered glass of your soul's energy that the crowd is trying to take from you?

      And take it they will.