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Great Childrens Books for Iphone

Updated on January 8, 2011

Great Stories

I am always on a search for great story apps for children. It is so great how you can read to your children using your iphone or ipad and it really animates the story for you. Your kids will love it. I have dozens of children stories on my iphone and kids seem to really enjoy them. There are also known songs that go along with a story that are super fun.

They are not that costly either and where ever you go, whether it be in your car, at the grocery store, or at any public place, your kids can enjoy fun filled stories while learning at the same time.

There are many stories that itunes has to offer you such as Dr. Suess stories.

Here are a few stories that I have grown fawn of:

Green Eggs and Ham:

It not only reads the story out loud with the words flashing before you. The pictures move with vibrant colors.

Dr. Seuss's ABC's:

What a great one. It goes through the whole alphabet out loud and has amazing pictures that go along.

Cat in The Hat:

Another great Dr. Seuss story.

The Red Apple:

You have to purchase this book. I love it. It also gives you an option to select other languages to listen in, such as Spanish, latin, French, Dutch, etc...

Itsy Bitsy Spider:

Every little kid loves this little song and bringing it to life with animations it so great.

The Nativity:

The well known nativity story comes to life on your iphone.


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