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Guest Blog by a Compulsive List Maker

Updated on May 25, 2012

My next list will be a list of how I can make lists better

Reasons why I should stop making lists:

1. Lists seem to be taking up approximately 1.5 hours of my day, which could be better spent:

a. Looking for jobs with lists involved

b. Redesigning the “list” function in Word (I’m sure I could do better than Microsoft)

c. Reorganizing colored sticky notes for use in complicated “subject of list” system

2. List of people who seem upset with my list making seems to be growing:

a. Second grade teacher (could my lists be why she asked me to stop calling her?)

b. Dentist

c. Mechanic

d. Strangers on the street

e. My mother (could my lists be why she asked me to stop calling her?)

Reasons why I should keep making lists:

1. To keep organized

2. To keep my house from falling apart (Note to self: make list of things in house I should be checking to make sure house doesn’t fall apart)

3. To keep my pets from dying

4. To keep my plants from dying

5. To keep myself from dying

6. To keep from losing job

7. To keep myself from forgetting…what was I going to put here?


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