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Hawk's Ascension (Hawk's Legacy book #2)

Updated on March 2, 2017

It is, of course, an importance for the read of this article not to be made aware of everything that will unfold within the novel as I believe that the unknown is a small but critical part of the reader's enjoyment; therefore I plan not to reveal too much within this article.

However I will say that S.J. Garland did a great job with the writing of this book, and I would highly recommend the read. Her writing style is rich in imagery, suspenseful conflict, and thrilling action, creating the perfect combination any reader would want within the books they tend to read. She is not only the author of the Hawk's Legacy series, but also wrote the Markinch Series set in Scotland during the Act of Union in 1708.

The Midwest Book Review says: "Hawk's Ascension is: An extraordinary and deftly crafted novel with keenly drawn protagonists and a riveting storyline, "Hawk's Ascension" showcases author S. J. Garland as an exceptionally gifted novelist. A consistently compelling and entertaining read from first page to last, 'Hawk's Ascension' is wholeheartedly recommended..."

Author's Biography:

"S. J. Garland is the author of the Markinch Series set in Scotland during the Act of Union in 1708 and the Hawk’s Legacy Series set in Singapore during the early 19th Century.

After finishing her B A in Sociology, Garland moved to England to pursue a Masters in Human Rights. It was in London her love of travel began. Garland now resides in Singapore with her amazingly supportive husband and her young daughter. She considers it a great day when she can get through her word count and spend the rest of the time making her daughter laugh." ~ Biography from Amazon.

Find all Her books here:

I personally give this book a full 5 star rating as I am a big fan, and really enjoyed how the author takes the reader along the ride of a lifetime.

Buy the book as an Ebook off of Amazon today:

5 stars for Hawk's Ascension


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