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He Is Always There

Updated on March 2, 2014

There are times in our lives where the pain is always there,

And we feel so very lost without hope to see us through,

When we seem to be outnumbered by our burdens and our cares,

They’re the times we tell ourselves that there’s nothing we can do.

There are times in our lives where the going gets real tough,

And the answers grow so dim and we give up in disgust,

When we see the storm ahead and our strength is not enough,

And the wind is blowing fiercely and there’s no-one we can trust.

Then from somewhere deep within a memory takes hold,

And you catch a glimpse of hope as it rises from the past,

And your heart begins to warm thawing out the wintery cold,

That’s the time that you encounter someone called the “First and Last.”

You remember clearly now of that time when He first came,

When the bitter turned to sweet as you took His gentle hand,

You remember clearly now that He knew you by your name,

And He even knew the stars just as vast as all earth’s sand.

So you call upon Him now, knowing that you are so weak,

For it’s at this place His love for you was sealed,

So you fall upon your knees and prayerfully you seek,

Waiting patiently for Truth to be revealed.

Here you find as you give up all that you could ever do,

And allow Him to take hold His rightful place,

As you look upon the Cross and see He died for you,

For it’s there that He will meet you face to face.

The answer to your pain is waiting for you there,

It is through His suffering that we find peace,

As we learn to lay it down right along with all our fear,

That fulfilment overflows and loves released.

My prayer for you this day is that as you trust in Him

He will show you all His great and mighty power,

To ensure that from within His plan, no longer dim,

And His love poured out for you, a cleansing shower.

He is always there and He never lets us down,

He is always there each time we are in pain,

He is always there making smiles from every frown,

He is always there on His throne, eternal reign.

© J. M. Smith 1995


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