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Heartbreak - a poem

Updated on August 13, 2013
Copyright-Nick Wolf
Copyright-Nick Wolf

There's no doubt that heartbreak hurts
Whether it's falling out of love,
The occurence of a broken friendship,
The death of a loved one;
It hurts tremendously and painfully
Tears shed,
Questions race through your head,
Memories constantly flood through your mind
Honestly, sometimes it feels like you've lost your mind
All the pain
All the regret
All of the unwanted tears
Everyone experiences heartbreak in their life one time or another
But yet, it's still hard
Friendships come and go
Relationships fade
It's a painful, dissipating experience
Forming a relationship
Forming a comforting bond between another
But disagreement comes
Circumstances occur
Causing the other to end the friendship
Causing the one to leave you
Its as if that person makes the choice to disappear
It feels as if that person has dissipated into the air, and the connection is no more
"Why would they do that?
Why would my best friend leave me?"
I've personally felt the heartbreak of losing my best friend
Detatchment begins
Uncomfortable situations occur
The person who was my best friend is now a stranger
We both confided in each other,
But now it's gone
Now the friendship is no more
"I wonder if their heart broke over our broken friendship?
Or if it was just mine?"
Either way, I'm still in pain
Either way, my heart is broken
And it's hard for me to trust anyone now
I'm more hesitant
I'm now finding more comfort with being on my own
I'm now more hesitant to become close to anyone again
I don't want my heart to be broken again
Healing is slowing occurring
My heart is sealing back together again
But the scars and pain remain
As well as the memories of the person who became my closest friend
The grieving continues
Although I have my good days,
I still have my bad days
But I guess that's just the experience of a typical human being
I see my old friend in my dreams
But when I wake up I come to the realization that it was only a dream
I wish it wasn't a dream
I wish we were still friends
When I'm having a hard time
I want to see them
I want to hear their voice
I want to speak with them
I want to see their smile
I want to feel their love for me
But I can't,
We cut off communication from each other
But I always wonder:
"Do they miss me?
Do they see me in their dreams?
Do they, too, miss what we had?
Or is it just a one-sided heartbreak?"
I'll probably never know
But one thing I do know:
Through the pain,
I'll continue to stand
I'll continue to take my pen
And bleed my emotions on the paper
And I know one day this heartbreak will end
Until then, I'll let the ink flow and release my pain that is within

-Nick Wolf 6/12/2013


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    • nwolf93 profile image

      Nicholas Wolf 4 years ago from Dana Point, California

      RoseAsauresRex thank you so much for your kind, encouraging words. I really appreciate your feedback. Thank you. I don't know where I would be if I didn't find an outlet through writing, so I'm going to continue to write and share. Thanks again. :)


    • RoseAsauresRex profile image

      Rose Maun 4 years ago from the sunny state of California

      wow that's beautiful. I'm in total agreement with Mhatter99, you really did capture the feeling of heartbreak and what its like to lose someone very well. you are a very powerful writer and your poems are very intimate, or raw as in you can tell how important that subject is to you that you are writing about. keep on using writing as an outlet and keep on sharing them with the world you are really talented :)

    • nwolf93 profile image

      Nicholas Wolf 4 years ago from Dana Point, California

      Thank you for your feedback Mhatter99 . I really appreciate it!


    • Mhatter99 profile image

      Martin Kloess 4 years ago from San Francisco

      Well done! I think you captured the feeling well.