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Her Heart, It Bleeds - A Poem

Updated on August 29, 2011

Her Heart, It Bleeds...

Do you ever feel as though you are living in a nightmare?
Your worst fears keep coming true.
They scare away all the good things,
Then hang around to haunt you.
You try to forget they're there,
But they freak you out and remind you.

A barrier separates:
The bold one,
The gentle one.
She tries to speak, but he will not hear.
Her heart, it bleeds.

Do you ever feel as if you are stuck in a bad dream?
Everything is foggy and you can't seem to run.
Or even if you can, it's all in vain anyway.
You realize you've let yourself become numb,
Mercifully immune to the pain.
You don't want to hurt anymore,
So you push it away.

A barrier separates:
The big one,
The timid one.
He shouts, and she tries not to fear.
Her heart, it bleeds.

Do you ever feel as though you are caged in?
Unwittingly holding the key to the lock.
Always stuck on the inside, looking out,
Or trapped underwater, just beneath the surface?
You want to know, or can't face the truth:
You hope this life you can't stand is just a bad dream.
Yet deep inside you know it's reality.

A barrier separates:
The powerful one,
The subjugated one.
He screams, but she decides not to hear.
Instead she listens to the voice inside,
Telling her to break the chains that bind.
Don't listen! she hears her inner voice say.
Don't stop to think, just walk away.
Then one day, perhaps
My heart, it will no longer bleed.

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  • profile image

    miranda taylor 6 years ago

    i loved it

  • SerLeon profile image

    SerLeon 6 years ago from Pakistan

    Sis . . .u are a GeNius !!!. . . . . Luvd ur poem . . . I think any1 cn relate 2 sum of it smhow, 1 way or another . . . . God bless u