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Hector Himalayahead, Heavyweight Contender

Updated on February 23, 2011
Hector Himalayahead, Heavyweight Contender
Hector Himalayahead, Heavyweight Contender | Source

A phrenologist’s fever-dream!

Hector Himalayahead has taken his share of lumps. (As well as my share, your share, and apparently the shares of just about all the citizens of Mound Bayou, Mississippi!)

I know I wouldn’t want to face this grim and rocky physiognomy in the ring! Which is exactly why Hector is merely a Heavyweight Contender, and not yet a Heavyweight Champion. Promoters have so far been unable to find anyone willing to risk battling (i.e. losing their life to) Hector. In fact, the previous holder of the heavyweight belt — upon seeing a videotape of only 12 seconds of Hector’s last bout (the entire fight) — promptly sent the belt back to the Boxing Federation, postage prepaid and insured, with a polite note declining any further involvement with it.

Can you blame him?    


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