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Hello Death

Updated on August 7, 2017

Hello Death once again

I am so very glad that you are my friend

I remember when I almost choked to death on that chocolate egg
Easter has always had a different meaning since then.
You came by to give us a scare and let me know to always take care.

Hello Death once again

I am so very glad that you are my friend.

I remember when I fell so far out of that tree
And how lucky I was the tree limbs choose to save me
So glad you came by to remind me again.

Hello Death once again

I am so very glad that you are my friend.

That emergency c section, yes I know you weren’t really close
But it sure felt like it when they numbed my whole body including my throat (whoops)
I liked that reminder that I really like to breath and to be sure to look around and see what I need.

Hello Death here you are again

I must have forgotten the reminders that you left . For there I was my car, me and the telephone pole makes three. Recovering from the bleeding torn liver and the stitches in my face will help me remember the reminders you leave on how much I enjoy life and using my feet.

I sure looked around after the one above and decided there was some things I could let go of, started the journey of looking for life hasn’t been easy, but I have had whole lot less strife.

Hello Death

Going to tell myself and you once again how much I admire you as a friend.

Your constant reminders to help me decide if I want to visit you far and wide
or have you there as a constant companion living life close to the edge always ready to knock on your door again.

That infection in my leg was certainly no treat pretty sure no one knew how close it really was for me, no wonder the doctor looked a bit scared like how is she upright with all that staff in there.

So Dear Death

That last one though I think I could have done without, took a long time to recover from that crazy ass bout. Not just my body and all the things that were wrong but the people who knew me had no idea that I was hearing your song.

Hello Death I am so glad you are my friend

You have come often lately for family and friends leaving your notes to let me know that you are always there. I see you in the seasons and feel you about. Reminding me to look again to see that I love life and choose it again and again.

I know you are busy with all that you do for all life is in certain need of you.

Thank you again for your part in the cycle

I’ll try to remember to give you a wave and smile,
That way you’ll know I am doing my best to pay attention to what I like best.

Next time you come by like the wind in a breeze, let’s take it easy with the action and just show me some memories.



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    • Penelope Bucket profile imageAUTHOR

      Penelope Bucket 

      18 months ago from Seattle area

      Thank you Bema' and Nadine for your wonderful comments

    • Nadine May profile image

      Nadine May 

      18 months ago from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

      Wow, I loved this poem. I never thought of it this way but yes a few times I do think it came close to knocking on my door. Life can be a true roller coaster he.

    • BizGenGirl profile image


      19 months ago from Lake Stevens

      I love the way this poem makes me think of death... Of the 7 times that death has come knocking on my door, I never really stopped to consider the friendship there, or how entangled life and death are.. How one cannot come without the other, or how often death actually comes to remind us to cherish life. Thank you for writing this =)


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