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Here we go with the same line, let's just kiss and say goodbye

Updated on August 6, 2012

Here we go with the same line,

You're telling me, he's just a friend

of mine.

But I see when he looks at you, its the

same way that I do.

You know that I love you look?

Baby this time its over so go on,

and do what you do.

Today I stopped loving you.

no more games of the heart, no more

tearing my love apart.

So go on and do what you got to do,

today I stopped loving you.

I'll never forget just what I meant to you.

I was just your lover boy, your fun and joy,

your pet, but I'll get over all of that.

Girl I'm never comin' back, I don't love you

anymore. I'm to good for you, so go on and do

what you got to do, today I stopped lovin' you.

So many times in a relationship there are those who are not ready for a commitment. In the back of their minds there is someone else sitting on the sideline who has their heart. When a person is committed they don't have anyone else on their mind; but the one they are with.

Honesty in a relationship is one of the keys to a true relationship. That last thing anyone wishes to have is a non-trusting, non-committed situation where another person was heartbroken. A person always needs to be up front and honest going into the intimacy and should not hold any secrets.

The lessons we could learn is to not place our hearts on our sleeves and be open-minded when we are a single man or woman. Getting past a heartbreak takes time and jumping into one immediately will never give a person time to heal their hearts.

Here we go with the same line is about a couple and the man finds out that she is not committed as he is. Her heart belongs to someone else and he is willing to let go.


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