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Hiding Behind a smartphone. monday's Inspiration 12

Updated on January 19, 2020
HSSANMC profile image

Hassan is an author living in paris, France. He writes funny books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry

She sees the cobwebs inside a blocked cage, she looks shaggy and frightened, then she sees a character illuminating, talking silently with a bad thing!

He asked from my heart if I knew him and whether I was there for him, as he wanted to know what I wanted to know about his life.

Frankly, that moment did not have a clear answer. My whole life, as I search from the outside, is one of my priorities to criticize others, to lay out walls against my oppressive unity and to fear for the future.

All the things I loved, like the gardener, his flowers, and innocence against me were why!

I (not the ego), my beloved soul, love to cry inside my self and my cell.

Among the attributes of the miser is that he raises his gold, sits in countless reverse boards, anxiety,

Keen on today before tomorrow I don't know why! ... who do more.

I, fell into my heart with a small interest in the sympathy and unselfish love that I contain; to contemplate the creation of God, this great God.

Now I am in the world of all-selfless little, where every single instrument is counted.

I am very worried alone, especially since I did a little for good,

Now look for doing good.

I think he has already found white mirrors and the path of light:

The world is now blaming everything
But he forgets himself
Other than that I have laziness, and I am afraid, fear means that I am the oppressor.

Time to correct. The road is long to shine like flowers. To be love everywhere

Wiping my tears and cleaning my heart; bringing the mind and laughter to the heart of longing.

Because I see that all my years I have been hiding behind a smartphone,

Blaming others for my insufficiency,

Unable to confront myself and the bad thoughts in it inside me.

I forget everything I want, and I really do not know what I want

The mind was desperate to give me the right path.

Alas! I found myself in a dark cell, this cold-hearted world,
Where is the light?

© 2020 Hassan


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    • profile image


      15 months ago

      Best poste i see you today .... Pro

    • HSSANMC profile imageAUTHOR


      15 months ago from France

      Thanks YOU manatita44

    • manatita44 profile image


      15 months ago from london

      The mind won't give us the right Path, but a contrite Heart will. We are all His and I actually do love you very much. So many problems spring from misunderstanding. Information can also be as misleading as what some politicians give us. Use the lamp of wisdom and all will be well. The Heart … the Heart … the psychic Heart.

      "The age-old ancient wisdom,

      Forgiveness, forgiveness, forgiveness,

      !s the real way to happiness." -Sri Chinmoy

      If your Hub is an act of sorrow, then it's a beautiful thing. I commend you highly.

    • HSSANMC profile imageAUTHOR


      15 months ago from France

      Thanks For follow me


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